Thursday, September 23, 2021
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PDR seeks clarification from Lokayukta Nagaland


Dimapur, August 13: After its email to the Lokayukta Nagaland failed to elicit any response, the People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has sought a clarification from the Lokayukta as to whether any official communications with the Lokayukta has to be strictly through written letter in hard copies to be submitted in person or it could also be entertained through emails and any other social media and fora, if at all Lokayukta maintains any of such account.
In an open letter to the Lokayukta Nagaland, the media & publicity affairs, PDR said it had sent an email (address as provided in the Lokayukta official website) on July 20, 2019 regarding investigation/inquiry started by then State Vigilance Commission in the Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection (LMCP) Department, Government of Nagaland after the issue were publicized through the local dailies by PDR.
“Almost a month now, the PDR has not received any responsive email from your office either affirmative or negative,” it said.
The PDR said the content of the email pertains to the willingness of the PDR to share more information and inputs on the serious issues of corruption, nepotism, irregularities etc in the ongoing investigation “with a simple intention yet with strong conviction to provide additional documentary proofs and evidence which might be of help to the Lokayukta in its investigation.”
Stating that it had been patiently waiting on the outcome of the inquiries initiated by then Vigilance in the LMCP and Tourism Departments, the PDR said in the event any of the inquiries into the two departments have been completed, it will re-submit the case/issue if found unsatisfactory, and will explore all available means at all levels both state, centre and judiciary to see that fair and just inquiry has been conducted.
“After much demand from the public, the Nagaland Government had finally set up Lokayukta and PDR looks upon Lokayukta to function true to its aims and objectives,” it added. (Page News Service)