Sunday, May 9, 2021
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PDR demands status of inquiry into 2 firing incidents


Dimapur, August 1: People for Democratic Rights (PDR) today demanded to know the status of the two inquiry commissions set up to into the 31st January 2017 Dimapur firing and 16th July 2015 Wuzu firing incidents.
In a press release, the PDR stated that Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) was set up by the Nagaland Government to inquire into the January 31, 2017 incident at Dimapur where 2 persons died and several others injured during the run up to the elections for Urban Local Bodies (ULB). It said the Commission was initially given 60 days to submit its report and the period was extended from time to time and the last extension was for 6 six months which expired on July 28 last.
Since the last extended period for the JIC to submit its report has expired, PDR asked the JIC to enlighten the progress and status of the inquiry.
PDR also urged upon the state government to inform whether the period for JIC to submit its report has been extended again or contemplates to extend.
The PDR said another JIC was constituted by the Government in November 13, 2015 to inquire into the July 16, 2015 Wuzu incident where 2 children were killed.
Stating that some delay in finalizing the report could be attributed to the inquiry into the Dimapur jail break and lynching incident since the government had picked the same judge to inquire into both the incidents and the government had asked the judge to first complete the jail break inquiry, the PDR said this step taken by the government to pick the same judge to inquire into two cases both of which were time bound had resulted in the delay for finalizing the Wuzu incident report since it was kept pending till the other report was submitted.
However, since the jail break report was already submitted in March 9, 2016, it is time the JIC on Wuzu incident finalize its report.
The PDR also stated that the Government has been spending huge amount of money for the two JICs on their honorarium and other staff of the Commission besides giving them entitlements such as vehicle and other facilities.
Citing available information, the PDR said the state government has released Rs 27,52,766 for honorarium to Chairman and 2 members of JIC on ULB elections from June 2017 till December 8, 2017
On JIC on Wuzu incident, the state Government has released Rs 20,65,710 from May 26, 2017 till February 2018.
The PDR appealed to the two JICs to expedite their inquiries and complete it at the earliest possible time.
The PDR also disclosed that the Finance Department had released Rs 3 lakh (dated 6 October 2017) as the cost for appearance fee of a private advocate with respect to “petition filed in Guwahati High Court by MHA challenging the Government’s authority to appoint a JIC.”
PDR urged upon the Finance Department/Government of Nagaland to inform the public as to appointment of which JIC did the MHA challenged, provide the case number and whether the case is still ongoing or disposed.
PDR also solicited the concerned authority to enlighten on whether the jurisdiction to file petitions by the MHA or any central government department against the State of Nagaland or any State lay in the Supreme Court or State High Courts. (Page News Service)