Sunday, April 11, 2021
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PDR alleges backdoor appointment in Tourism Deptt


Dimapur, July 10: People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has accused the Department of Tourism, Government of Nagaland of flouting all government rules and appointing 2 Tourist Officers, which is above Tourist Assistants.
The entry point in the Department of Tourism is Tourist Assistant, which should be recruited through NPSC, it stated.
Undermining and superseding the cabinet memo order no. CAB/2/2013 dated 12 May 2016 banning all temporary and contract appointments, the PDR viewed the appointment of 2 Tourist Officers on 4th June 2016 as a tight slap to the State Cabinet – the highest executive policy-making body.
It also disclosed that the Department appointed 3 Tourist Assistants on 6th December 2017 and another 2 Tourist Assistants on 19 April 2018.
PDR wondered under what provisions and service rules the Department has made such appointments.
PDR also alleged that of the seven appointments, 2 Tourist Officers and 4 Tourist Assistants are children of officers in the Tourism Department.
In a press release, acting chairman of PDR, Ihoto Shohe stated that the PDR has further come across bigger lapses and misuse of office by those officers in the Tourism Department which befits their suspension and dismissal and accordingly has filed RTI. Upon receiving the response, PDR will let the public know the entire truth, he said.
The PDR urged Government of Nagaland to immediately cancel all the above mentioned backdoor/illegal appointments since the appointments made were in direct contravention to the Nagaland Tourism Service Rules, 2014 which was in force when the above 7 appointments were made.
The PDR said the 2 Tourist Officers were neither promoted nor directly recruited by the NPSC and that the appointments of 5 Tourist Assistants are also in direct contravention to the Service Rules since they are not directly recruited through NPSC.
The case of the above 7 appointees is clearly a backdoor appointment and even if there was any approval from the Chief Minister to make such appointments, it is clearly outside the laid down rules, it added.
The PDR pointed out that the appointment of 7 persons on temporary basis on pick and choose policy without recruiting through the NPSC has resulted in eligible candidates being denied right of equal opportunity for being considered for appointment to the State Service and in the process Article 16 of the Indian Constitution has been grossly infringed.
Meanwhile, the PDR said in regards to irregularities in Legal Metrology and Consumer Protection Department, it has received response via email seeking opinion of PDR whether it should be published in the local dailies.
Accordingly, the PDR responded via mail urging upon the LMCP Department to publish its response in the local dailies for public consumption.
However, till date, the response is yet to be published.
The PDR reminded the LMCP Department to publish its response in the local dailies after which the PDR would respond and take necessary steps as deemed fit. (Page News Service)