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PDNCSU decries suspension of works

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Laments ‘frequent interruptions’
DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 9: The Phek District Contractors & Suppliers’ Union (PDNCSU) has expressed shock at the temporary suspension of works, especially from Sedzu River to 50 kms stretch, under Phek district, being constructed by Shivalaya Construction Company.

The PDNCSU said the reason for temporary suspension seems to be the frequent pestering by some individuals from certain villages demanding machineries for engaging in their personal works. It also lamented that some individuals had even deliberately released water from the water canals to the partly completed retaining walls and the works have been suspended.
Stating that Company contractors are facing such difficulties, the PDNCSU said it would not hesitate to expose those people who are obstructing developmental works in Phek district.
These frequent interruptions have apparently led to disturbances in carrying out the smooth transition of their assigned developmental activities, a press release issued by PDNSU president, Kuzhosheyi Soho Alex and general secretary, Razou Lohe stated.
The Union asked the VCC/public leaders of those villages to rein in their fellow members from carrying out such illegal activities which may tantamount to obstructing developmental activities and is liable to be booked and detained as per law.
The PDNCSU also reminded all that “we cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away due to our petty selfishness”.
It further urged the district administration “who seems to be turning a blind eye” to take not of such occurrences and take action against those individuals obstructing developmental activities of the Government and subsequently provide adequate security to the contractors so that developmental works are carried out without any hindrance and completed within the stipulated time.
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