Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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PDA reiterates support for Naga integration


Dimapur, June 13: The NDPP-led PDA Government in Nagaland has reiterated support for integration of all Naga inhabited areas.
Reacting to statement made by Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang at the NPF CEC meeting on June 12 reminding the people about the statement made by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio in April 2018 that “integration is not possible,” the NDPP in a communiqué declared that the PDA is in full support of all the Assembly resolutions passed in the past and made its stand clear that it stands for integration of all Naga areas and “we will not compromise this stand.”
Stating that the CM’s statement had been clarified time and again by both the Chief Ministers Office as well as that NDPP that the CM had only repeated what was conveyed to him and his team when they met with the then Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and his team from the MHA and that this was “not” the Chief Ministers statement, the NDPP termed it is as unfathomable as to why the Leader of Opposition finds it so difficult to understand this when it has been explained in plain English and not in a foreign dialect.
“Perhaps his lack of understanding has to do with his false degree,” it said.
The NDPP-PDA also assured the people of the State that with the installation of the new Government at Delhi under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the PDA will continue to tirelessly pursue for final settlement of the Naga issue at the earliest.
On the reported statement made by NPF president that “being in the opposition wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that he left it to his legislators to decide on being in a government,” the NDPP said the statement is nothing short of declaring “self-defeat.”
“This coming from the patriarch of the very same party that has declared time and again since the general elections of 2018 that it was only a matter of time before they take over the realms of affairs in the State is nothing short of declaring self-defeat,” it said, while terming the statement as an insult not only to their own party rank and file but also to the electorates who have reposed their mandate on the NPF legislators.
On Shurhozelie attributing the defeat of KL Chishi in the Lok Sabha election reportedly to “negative approach” of Congress leaders, the NDPP said the NPF president have stooped to new low by declaring the alliance with the Congress as a “bad bargain” and that “one of the reasons for the failure was because of the presence of “so many so-called” Congress leaders who have negative approach and did not work for their candidate”.
“Such condemning words coming from the very person who decided to throw away all principles of the Cock party by aligning himself with the Congress party so as to try and garner some brownie points with the Congress leaders at the Centre in the eventuality of the Congress forming the government can only be taken as treachery and a betrayal of the trust that was reposed on the NPF party by the Congress leadership. Today, just because the Congress was unable to get the numbers in the Lok Sabha, does the president of the NPF have any moral authority whatsoever to denounce and Congress party and its leadership in the State,” it asked.
Stating that the Congress as well as the NPF are both political rivals of the NDPP, the communiqué, however, said the NDPP as a mature responsible political party condemns the statement of the NPF party and its president. “They have taken their politics to such a point that they should have no moral authority in calling themselves a political party,” it stated.
On the declaration made by the Leader of the NPF Legislature party that “in the 2018 by-poll for the Lok Sabha seat NPF nominee C. Apok Jamir despite having 26 MLAs and supported by the Congress had lost against the NDPP candidate with a huge margin of over one lakh, seventy thousand votes but the last LS polls the support of 19 NPF MLAs witnessed Congress candidate losing with a mere margin of 16,344 votes” and that ” this is better achievement than the previous LS bye-poll result,” the NDPP asked whether this statement of Zeliang is something which the NPF party needs to be proud of. “These statistics prove that the people have rejected the NPF party considering the margins of defeat in the two LS elections have only proven that the people prefer to support the Congress candidate (a party without a single MLA in the House) rather than the NPF candidate.”
Stating that the people of the State have once again reposed their confidence on the NDPP led PDA alliance by electing its candidates to the Lok Sabha and the Aonglenden bye-elections, the NDPP assured to fulfill all its commitments to the people of Nagaland and bring about all round development to the State and its people. (Page News Service)