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PDA only worried about their position post-Naga solution: NPF


Dimapur, October 30: The NPF Legislature Party has alleged that the NDPP led PDA is only worried about their position in a post-solution scenario at the expense of the common Naga people.
“The NDPP led PDA is only worried about their position in a post-solution scenario, which is typical of the leadership of NDPP which is always for self-aggrandizement at the expense of the common Naga people,” said Imkong Imchen, spokesperson, NPF Legislature Party in a press release.
This, the NPF said, was evident when the PDA sought clarification from the Union Home Minister on the status of the elected members post-Naga solution. “Rather than having concern for the Indo-Naga political issue which is staring at a deadlock, the Chief Minister of Nagaland is only worried about the Chair and the power that comes along with it. So drunk in power that the ruling bench care little of the future of the Nagas and are completely blind to the pertinent issues at hand,” the release alleged.
The party also expressed amusement at the attitude of the NDPP led PDA Government in responding to “constructive criticism” put across for the wellbeing of the Nagas by the opposition.
“When the Leader of Opposition wrote to the Speaker of the NLA, dated 22nd October 2019, a copy of each given to the Hon’ble Governor and the Chief Minister, appealing for convening a meeting of the Joint Legislators Forum (JLF) on Naga political issue, it was surprising to note that with little regard for the wellbeing of the Nagas and continuing to play double standard politics on this issue, a PDA coordination meeting was called and held on 28th October in which they endorsed the JLF Resolution dated 7th August 2019. In doing so, they have once again shied away from the core issues and portrayed to the world the weak kneed leadership,” it alleged.
The NPF legislature party since a press communique on 24th May 2019, the NDPP or the PDA has managed to remain silent on these contentious issues and rather managed to make contradictory statements “which shows their hidden agenda and little concern for the Nagas in general.”
On the alleged difference of opinion within the NPF on the Naga issue, the party said clarified that there is no difference of opinion and all are on the same page with the NPF Legislature Party leader TR Zeliang, and endorses the stand of the NPF party vis-a-vis the Indo-Naga peace process and desires for an early settlement of the Naga political issue.
Imkong Imchen also reiterate the party’s stand that the elected members as facilitators cannot put ultimatum on the two negotiating parties and comment on what to accept and what not to in the final agreement. “If there are any differences in the demands, it is for the negotiating parties to sit together and hammer out differences and come to a logical conclusion for an inclusive and honourable solution which will bring about permanent peace.”
Stating that when the NPF delegation called on the Governor on 5th October at Raj Bhavan Kohima, the leader of NPF Legislature Party had appealed to him to work out a formula for the current contentious issues of flag and Constitution as he did with the demands of integration and sovereignty, the release said, “There arises no question of the NPF, both from the organisational wing or the Legislature wing, putting conditions for the final solution. We also seek to know as to which legislator was quoted to be deviating from the decisions of the party and the views of the Leader of the NPF Legislature Party.”
The party informed that so far the NPF Legislature Party has only reiterated the NPF party Central Executive Council (CEC) Resolution adopted on 12th June 2019 in respect of Naga symbolic issues in which, under point no.5, it states, “The party appreciates and pledges its continued support to the signing of the Framework Agreement between the Government of India and the NSCN(IM)on 3rd August, 2015 and strongly urge the parties to come to term for an honourable inclusive political settlement without further delay. Nevertheless, the NPF strongly feels that any political solution without recognizing the symbolic identity of the Nagas will fall short of Naga aspiration.” (Page News Service)