PDA Govt to bring out its CMP soon

PDA Govt to bring out its CMP soon

Dimapur, April 7: Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio today said that the PDA government would bring within days its ‘common minimum program’ (CMP) which it wasn’t being able to outline due to budget sessions and the members of the Assembly being absent due to consecutive thanksgiving programs.
He further stated that the Government on April 24 would payout all the pending balances of three years of the farmers under different schemes so as to facilitate the growth of the farmers.
Speaking during a thanksgiving programme held here at Niathu Resort, Chumukedima, Rio said that PDA government has special focus for the upliftment of farmers saying ‘we all belong to the villages’.
Commenting on various issues, Rio said that though the NDPP manifesto had many promises, the one which would be the priority of the government is an early solution for the ongoing Indo-Naga political issue and with NSCN (IM) along with other NNPGs negotiating with the Government of India, there is hope, more after the Framework Agreement signed in August 2015.
He, however, maintained that both the parties negotiating should understand each other as the issue is a very sensitive one and in case there is a solution, the PDA government would ‘pave way’ rather than ‘stand in the way’ any day.
Talking about the performance of NDPP in the recent election, he expressed that though the party had much promising candidates it failed to win as many seats as it was expecting and its alliance BJP compliments it; nevertheless, he termed it an ‘almost miracle’ that despite of being a nine months old party, it managed to secure 18 seats.
He said that the party would carry out a tour throughout the state to access how the party performed in the election, what worked in constituencies it won and what were the reasons for the failures where it lost.
On the occasion, Rio also didn’t forget to remind the party in general and the MLAs from the party in particular that they should work for the people and see that the schemes of the government should reach to the grass root level and said that he is expecting the MLAs to ‘carry forward the assignments’ given to them so that people get the benefits.
Previously, president of NDPP Chingwang Konyak in his presidential address said that though the party won 18 seats out of the forty it contested, it still is better and credited Rio for the win saying he singlehandedly brought the party to power and it will only grow stronger under his leadership.
He also mentioned that the party had exactly nine months and ten days since its inception to face the election and still it secured eighteen seats. He said that the party couldn’t, in the short time, also make its presence known in many regions of the state because of the time frame prior to facing the election and now would expand its presence.
He reminded the winning candidates to remember the promises it made on transparency, good governance etc. and fulfill them to bring the real changes in Nagaland.
Secretary General of NDPP, Abu Metha in his address said that Rio was the engine behind the win of the party and his sealing a deal with BJP was the turning point of the campaign which resulted in a seat sharing for the first time in the state.
He called it an achievement that the new party managed to get more than 25% of the votes and more than 35% of the absolute votes and though many are debating it failed to emerge as the single largest party, it has shared seats with BJP and in that manner, technically, it has emerged as the single largest party and enjoys the mandate of the people.
In the concluding remark, working president, Alemtemshi Jamir said that the legislative assembly now has a strong opposition and thus the ruling government should be careful about its dealings and rebuild Nagaland from scratches.
The thanksgiving programme was organized by the National Democratic Progressive Party. (Page News Service)