PDA Govt on shaky grounds: NPF

PDA Govt on shaky grounds: NPF

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Dimapur, September 5: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has claimed that the NDPP-led PDA Government in Nagaland is on shaky grounds with cracks gradually emerging within the coalition.
“We understand the shaky position of minority-led government and cracks that are emerging gradually within the coalition. The heyday of NDPP led government is numbered which is for everyone to easy guess,” it said.
To prove its point, the NPF claimed that the NDPP is now again raking up TR Zeliang’s educational qualification issue, despite the case being settled in the Court, which the NPF claimed “only shows their desperation that TR Zeliang is the chief minister in waiting.”
“They know that TR will take over the moment PDA government falls which is very imminent. They don’t have any programme for the people than to only raise the certificate issue in all their press statements,” it stated.
“They should instead come clean on Neiphui Rio’s B.A honors fake affidavit certificate,” the NPF retorted.
Commenting on Chief Minister Neiphui Rio’s speech at the 74th Khonoma Rupfüno Anniversary at Khonoma village that development of the State was hampered because of disunity amongst the Nagas, the NPF reminded that unity or disunity is related to Naga political issue only and not related to State development. “The government should not throw the blame for its failure on development upon the people,” it said.
The NPF also reminded that the Chief Minister, who also holds the finance portfolio, had committed to the people during the last budget speech in the Assembly that the PDA Government will complete the repairing roads in the State particularly the district headquarters in 30, 60, 100 days. “However, the public is the best witness, whether such commitment from the Chief Minister’s mouth bear any fruits or not,” it stated.
On NDPP terming the NPF as “irrelevant” and PDA regime as “progressive”, the NPF retorted that PDA regime is progressing “backward” with instability and failed responsibility, while NPF is becoming more “relevant” as a very formidable force in the house of 60, playing a constructive role successfully and effectively.
The NPF advised the ruling Government that it is not enough just to talk in media but get involve in real job. “The BJP as your mentor would tell you…. “Kaam Zyada, Baatein Kum,” it added. (Page News Service)