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PDA Govt may not survive long, says Dr Shurhozelie


Zeliang accuses Rio of ignoring Naga people

Dimapur, August 3: Naga People’s Front President, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Friday called upon the NPF Legislators and party leaders to remain firm and work together stating that with 26 formidable MLAs, the PDA Government may not survive long as it may fall by itself.
Speaking during the day-long two session meeting of the NPF Consultative meeting of Central Office Bearers and NPF Legislators of Nagaland and Manipur held Central Office, Dr. Shürhozelie urged the gathering that the legislators and the party leaders is one body so to work in their own assignment given.
The NPF President also lauded the opposition party of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly for playing a constructive role successfully and effectively.
Recalling the past, he said some Naga leaders looked for more power and money which created instability and confusion, and in such situation of uncertainty they failed to understand their responsibility.
“In the real sense of the term, opposition life is free life. They remain the watchdog and therefore, the ruling group is always afraid of them. In fact, the House belongs to them if only they know how to play their role as an effective opposition in the House,” he said.
The NPF President also recalled the encouraging performance of the NPF MLAs in the last Assembly Budget session and said 26 MLAs in a House of 60 was a very formidable force, only 5 members short of the magic figure to take over the government.
“It is a new experience for many of our leaders. Under the circumstances we, the party leaders can play a vital role to help and encourage our legislators in various ways whenever our services are called for,” he said
On Naga political problem, he said, it has become more complicated with too many underground factions. He, however, expressed contentment that UGs are now coming together to the same platform.
In this light, he said NPF’s stand towards solution of the Naga political problem remains the same for the last many years and will continue to work in the same line to the end.
Shurhozelie also reminded the party leaders of the party’s political stand for integration of Naga inhabited areas as mentioned in the 9-Point Agreement and the resolutions passed four times in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
According to a press release issued by NPF Press Bureau, the party president also clarified that within the area what Meteis termed as ‘Territorial Boundary of Manipur State’, the Meteis and Nagas as recorded in history were the only indigenous inhabitants of that area and no other.
“In due course of time many people migrated to the area, particularly rich people from the main land and have been making fortunes which attract more and more people to come with them and as a result a group of indigenous inhabitants, the Nagas have been treated as second class citizens by their own brothers,” he said. On Citizens’ (Amendment) Act 2016, that was introduced in Lok Sabha he said, the State will fight against the bill tooth and nail. “If the government of India tries to impose this bill to small states like Nagaland, it will be understood as a negative step to accommodate illegal immigrants from the neighboring states/nations at the cost of our people which we will never agree.”
He also insisted the party divisional presidents to make contacts with their colleagues to prepare for any eventuality.
Delivering his address, the NPF Legislature Party Leader, TR Zeliang in his speech come down heavily on the PDA Government headed by Neiphiu Rio for ignoring the Naga people despite the tall claims and promises stating that whatever his government has asserted to the people has never been into reality.
Lambasting the PDA’s Cabinet decision on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, Zeliang said that even though the Naga society as well as other Northeastern states is opposing the Bill, the PDA government decided in its meeting held on 5 June 2018 has stated that it will not oppose or interfere in the national policies but would only oppose when the proposed controversial Bill goes against the interest of the Nagas.
To this, Zeliang asked once the Bill is passed will the PDA Government able to oppose to implement the said Act? Therefore, Zeliang called the PDA Cabinet to rectify its decision at the earliest or spell out the ground in which it has decided not to oppose the said Bill.
Referring to the ongoing NDPP’s de-registration case at the ECI Court, Zeliang said that since the NPF is not a petitioner it is hoped that the NDPP instead of pointing their fingers at the wrong person on personalized vendetta, the NDPP should furnished its reply to the queries sought by the ECI as the truth will come to light very soon.
The former Chief Minister also accused the PDA Government that instead of bringing funds from Delhi for developmental works, the Government of the day is only busy diverting sanctioned projects to meet its own interest, adding that PDA Government commitment to repair all the district headquarter roads in 60 days after assuming the office is another blunder as there is nothing on the ground while fund allocation of district wise also not been disclosed till date.
Expressing his resentment over the Chief Minister’s announcement over the Naga integration as not possible, Zeliang asked, “What is left for the Interlocutor and the NPGs for further Negotiations(s)? Is it not a hindrance created to the Naga negotiators who represent the Nagas?”
Referring to the final draft of the National Registration of Citizens, he also called upon the PDA Government to be serious enough in tackling the illegal immigrants as the issue concern all the Naga people
During the second session between the Central Office bearers, Central Frontal & Cell Heads, Manipur State Unit Office bearers and Divisional Presidents of Nagaland State the President, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu administered the oath taking of W Morung Makunga as newly inducted Working President of the party. (Page News Service)