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PDA Govt has cordial relationship with Governor: State BJP

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Dimapur, July 9: The BJP Nagaland has rebutted what is alleged “the frivolous assertions” of opposition NPF and the NPCC against the PDA Government to confuse the people for their political mileage.
In a statement, the media cell, BJP Nagaland insisted that the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) has an ever-cordial relationship with the Governor and his esteemed office. “After the Hon’ble Governor expressed his views on a number of issues, the State Government also expressed its stand. This was not to belittle the Hon’ble Governor as the Opposition parties have chosen to believe, but rather, it was like a discourse on the stated issues and this has served as an insight for all and how best the Government and the people can do their respective parts in ensuring there is continuity of peace and development in the State.”
Stating that there is no place for any instability in the PDA Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton, the BJP asked the opposition parties to accept the reality that the PDA Government is a progressive Government, and not retrograde like the NPF and NPCC – the former being ousted from power in March 2018 and the latter being reduced to nil representation in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly by popular mandate given to the NDPP and the BJP pre-poll alliance.
“It is only understood that there may be some frustrations or undying desire by such parties to come back to power by any means, but molly-cuddling the dignified stature of the Hon’ble Governor for political brownie points from unsuspecting public was something new by all standards and totally unexpected,” it stated.
Reminding that the PDA Government has taken a stand to be an active facilitator on the Naga political issue for an early and honourable resolution to the decades old problem, the statement said the PDA Government is committed to facilitate an early resolution of the issue through a negotiated agreement that honors the unique history and rights of the Nagas.
In fact, the BJP said the NPFLP had graciously cut across party lines for which all 60 Members of the 13th NLA came together to reconstitute the Joint Legislators’ Forum on Naga political issue on September 18, 2018 under the chairmanship of the NLA Speaker. “Therefore, as far as the Naga political issue is concerned, the ruling and opposition benches are united as one and so, the NPCC’s claim that “it has now become apparently clear that the present PDA Govt is the biggest obstacle to hammering out the final peace agreement on the Indo-Naga political issue”, is totally misplaced and disconnected from the ground reality,” it claimed.
On the other issues raised by the opposition, the BJP said the State Government has given a detailed reply with official facts and figures. “It would therefore be in the interest of the Nagas if the Opposition parties desist from playing blame-games particularly during such extraordinary times – a time when everyone should be united as one to face the challenges ahead,” it added. (Page News Service)