Friday, April 16, 2021
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PDA endorses Aug 7 JLF resolution; Calls for an early inclusive & honourable solution


Dimapur, October 28: The People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) comprising of NDPP, BJP and Independent parties along with legislators and senior party functionaries in a coordination meeting on Monday unanimously endorsed to support the resolution of the Joint Legislators Forum (JLF) dated 7th August 2019,
The its August 7 resolution, the JLF had resolved to continue to play the role of an active facilitator to the ongoing peace process and continue to meet all stakeholders including the leaders of the Government of India to create better understanding in order to cultivate a common voice aimed at bringing early solution.
The August 7 JLF resolution also appealed to all sections of the people, especially the tribal hohos and the mass based civil society organizations to come forward under a spirit of unity and oneness so that all sections work collectively towards creating and maintaining a congenial atmosphere and a conducive environment for implementation of any new political arrangement that may come about from the ongoing negotiations.
While welcoming the appointment of RN Ravi as the Government of Nagaland, the August 7 resolution hoped that his gubernatorial appointment will further strengthen and expedite the negotiations, which will pave the way for an early solution to the protracted Naga political issue.
The JLF had also appealed to all the negotiating parties with the Government of India to come together, sit across the negotiating table and rise above all differences and to unite for the sake of our people. “We make this fervent appeal so that the political dialogue is expedited for an early, honourable and acceptable solution,” the August 7 resolution said.
Today’s PDA meeting was chaired by convenor Chingwang Konyak and co-convenor Temjen Imna Along and deliberated on the ongoing talks. The meeting unanimously reiterated its appeal for an early resolution of the Indo-Naga political issue which should be inclusive, honourable and acceptable to the people.
“The PDA has always maintained consistent stand all along on the Naga political issue and we have never reverted back on collective decisions and policies, unlike others. The PDA coalition has always acknowledged the sentiments of the people and will continue to respect the wishes and desires of the people whom we represent,” said a press release issued by the ruling PDA. (Page News Service)