Saturday, April 17, 2021
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PDA achievement list was ‘boring’: NPF


Dimapur, November 9: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has ridiculed the much hyped achievement list of the PDA Government made during the 3rd general convention of the NDPP by Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio at Kohima. It said the announcement of achievements was nothing but ‘boring’, as the reality on the ground is quite contradictory.
Commenting on the achievements as announced by Rio, the NPF in a statement said Rio’s claim of ending VIP culture has “become more or less a joke” as Nagas cannot be taken for a ride or fooled any further. It alleged that the PDA Government had went on to appoint their close kith and kins to various Government undertakings and status that imposed unnecessary burdens to the state exchequer .
“Not contended with these events, the PDA Government while talking about good governance and transparency and promising to provide good roads within 30 days, 60 days that stretched again to 100 days, declaring that all district roads will be repaired, but to the amazement of every citizens in the state, the promised good roads has gone down the drain with the change of seasons, fulfilling their slogan “Change is coming,” it stated.
On Rio’s claim that all Government teachers were mapped digitally to maintain transparency, the NPF said, “It is far better to pay teacher’s salary regularly and looked into their well beings instead of mapping them digitally, as teachers are the backbone of a strong society and deserved to be well treated.”
Asking the CM to stop fooling the Naga populace with his backtracked statement on Naga integration issue “as he has already shown his true colour when he declared loud and clear that Naga integration is no longer possible after his meeting with Rajnath in Delhi,” the NPF said reaffirming that his Government will uphold integration of all Naga contiguous inhabited areas under one administrative unit is misleading.
On the launching of pink buses in Dimapur, which is also in the lists of PDA Government achievement lists, the NPF opined that there is no point to providing pink buses to women in Nagaland as Naga women feels more secured and protected travelling alongside men unlike other cities and states across the country. It, however, reminded the ruling Government to look into women reservation issue that is lying dormant for reasons best known to them, rather than providing pink buses for women to traverse on the precarious bumpy roads.
Taking a dig at the reaffirmation of the NDPP party to pursue for gender equality under a spirit of peace, democracy and freedom, as enshrined in the party’s constitution, the NPF asked the NDPP to fulfil its commitments and immediately looked into the 33 percent reservation issue for women without any further delay tactics, instead of playing with the emotions of the empowered Naga women by providing pink buses as a stop gap arrangement to fool them, which, it said, is nothing but making a spectacle of the present Government as well as the NDPP party.
On celebration of Mini Hornbill festivals at a time when Nagas are reeling in distress about sky rocketing price commodities, with literally no roads to travel on, the NPF said it is nothing but a poor flop show of governance on the part of the PDA Government.
The NPF further expressed surprise over one of the NDPP general convention resolution point which stated ‘Deed not Word’, as the very word is the manufactured word found in the manifesto of the way back 1977 regional political party of the State, National Council of Nagaland. (Page News Service)