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PCCNI: “A betrayal of the electorate”, says WC, NNPGs

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DIMAPUR, AUGUST 1: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC NNPGs) has termed the recent formation of a Parliamentary Core Committee on Indo-Naga issue (PCCNI) by Nagaland Legislators as “a betrayal of the electorate, using Naga issue as a pretext”.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Working Committee recalled that over the years, Nagaland Government and various political parties have, as facilitators, named many committees, sub committees to “assist” in bringing early political solution.
“Till few weeks ago, the Treasury Bench and the Opposition were at each other’s throat with multiple accusations on multiple issues. Suddenly they have become fairest friends, Opposition-less. Alas, all proven acts of thefts and robberies of developmental projects and public welfare schemes so lucidly pointed out in the public domain are now wiped clean and silenced by the Opposition-less Government. All thanks to their common desire, or lack of it, for Indo-Naga political settlement. Sadly, the Democratic spirit of accountability has lost out, a betrayal of the electorate, using Naga issue as a pretext”, the statement read.

According to the Committee, if there was any commitment other than lip service, the Joint Legislators’ Forum (JLF) and many committees before it were enough to usher in political settlement.
“As political parties started to have their own committees on Indo-Naga issue, their motives became more of a party-upmanship, self promotion and not for the Naga solution. The WC, NNPGs met the newly formed Core Committee on Indo-Naga issue on July 20, 2021, unfortunately there are elected members who are not aware of their constitutional duty to the State they belong to and the electorate they represent. They owe allegiance to the Indian constitution and this position they must exhibit by rule. Most Naga legislators are more concerned for the welfare of Manipur State citizens or indulge in disturbing the sovereignty of Myanmar!” it added.
Naga issue and its solution, the Committee maintained, must be left to the Naga negotiators who are negotiating for all Nagas in different Indian States and in Myanmar. WC, NNPGs is clear on this subject, it added.
“There is a clear Naga historical reaffirmation, political and administrative structure laid on the table for an enduring peaceful co-existence with an entity, the union of India. Myanmar Nagas too have not been ignored. Our legislators must understand that GoI, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has officially appointed an Interlocutor to negotiate with Naga political parties, in order to solve the Indo-Naga political issue. When the official position and status paper of GoI and WC, NNPGs are in the hands of Legislators, Naga Tribal Hohos, GBs and Civil societies, it is not wise for Legislators to believe and spread fake news on Naga issue.

“It is said that very soon 60 legislators would sit with all negotiating groups. WC, NNPGs believe that the same group of Legislators has met Naga leaders formally and informally for countless times albeit using different nomenclatures for Naga solution. This has become a fruitless exercise with each sitting becoming more and more monotonous, a story telling hours!” it stated.
According to the Committee, NSCN (IM) leaders are insisting that solution must be under Framework Agreement (FA). Naga tribes and WC, NNPGs are aware that FA thoroughly and deliberately omitted Naga political conflict till 1955 because it says Naga political issue is around six decades old and announced the leaders were happy that the talks had successfully concluded, appreciating and understanding the intricacies of the Indian system (Constitution), it stated.
“The history and evolution of every clan, tribe and nation, be it in Africa, America or Asia is unique. Recognising uniqueness of Naga history cannot be interpreted or compared to GoI recognising Nagas having right to self determine their future. Agreed position (AP) on 17th November, 2017, clearly states ‘…GoI recognises the political and historical rights of the Nagas to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct identity…’

“The point is, since the GoI has officially concluded political negotiations with all negotiating groups on 31st October 2019, and the Naga Legislators are fully aware of the status, instead of meeting again, as facilitators, the legislators must unitedly urge the GoI to announce the date of signing the agreement, fulfilling the ruling party’s pre-election slogan, ‘Election for Solution’, this is the desire and aspiration of the Naga people. WC is of the view that State Government’s Core Committee on Naga issue has understood the position of WC perfectly. If any further meetings are needed to sort out matters, it is the prerogative of the GoI through the interlocutor to convey to WC, NNPGs”, it added.
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