Monday, May 27, 2024

PBU says Nagaland may face acute shortage of live pigs

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 15: The Pork Butchers’ Union (PBU) has said that due to temporary ban imposed on transportation of live pigs through the state of Assam, the people of Nagaland would be facing acute shortage due to non-arrival of live pigs.
The Union said the shortage would also result in price escalation and also leave a negative impact on the butchers who earn their livelihood through the trade and raise their family.
Stating that pigs are brought from other parts of the states and cities such as Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bangalore, Hyderabad to Nagaland which are all in free zone, the Union said the live pigs are not available in abundance for consumption.
It also stated that the supply of live pigs are not restricted in the state of Assam as they have allowed for intra-district and inter-district transportation to help and facilitate their farmers.
It further said the live pigs are not coming from Assam, it is being imported to Nagaland from other states and cities through Assam, just like transportation of other essential goods and items, therefore, there is no point in imposing ban on free passage of the live healthy pigs to Nagaland.
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