Friday, September 17, 2021
North East

‘Parvovirus’ taking a toll on dogs in Manipur

IMPHAL, DECEMBER 21: A deadly virus called Parvovirus has started taking toll on the dogs in the State capital here and other parts of Manipur. The rate of infection appears to be on the rise in the last 5 years, according to veterinary doctors.
Lack of awareness on the treatment for the disease has put the dogs, especially those below 1-year at risk.
Parvovirus has already affected an unknown number of dogs mostly below 6 months of age since the past 1 month. This is evident from the large number of dogs brought to the State Veterinary hospital at Sanjenthong here.
There are also about half a dozen dog care centres in the State capital and sources claimed most of these centre were also witnessing a rise in such cases since the last 3 weeks.
“Every day we are treating about 80 to 100 dogs in our hospital,” said Superintendent of State Veterinary hospital Dr Th Priyokumar.”
“Dogs should be vaccinated against Parvo at the age of 6 weeks and revaccinated after a gap of 3 weeks,” the doctor advised. (Courtesy: AT)