Parliament disruption: BJP MP proposes ‘no work, no pay’, TRS MP says ‘wow’


NEW DELHI, March 21: Even as disruptions continue to stymie Parliament’s functioning for the 13th day in a row, a BJP MP has written to the Lok Sabha Speaker proposing a pay cut as punishment.
A peeved Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) MP called the BJP MP’s proposal, a case of “the pot calling the kettle black” – “wow”, she tweeted.
The BJP MP, Manoj Tiwari, said he was writing to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan “with great anguish” about the disruptions in the Lok Sabha.
“It is …disturbing to see how public representatives, who are primarily responsible for law-making, are running away from their responsibilities. I, therefore, propose deducting the salary of MPs for their failure to engage in any constructive work. Let’s follow the fair practice of No Work No Pay,” said Tiwari in his letter, reported ANI.
TRS MP K Kavitha said if the government did its job, MPs wouldn’t need to protest.
“This is like ‘ulta chor kotwal ko daantein’. No party or MP will want to protest on floor of house,if government of the day (in a )timely fashion addresses their issues,” tweeted the TRS MP K Kavitha.
Wow..This is like “ulta chor kotwal Ko daantein”. No party or MP will want to protest on the floor of the house,if…
— Kavitha Kalvakuntla (@RaoKavitha) 1521557073000
Interestingly, the TRS is accused of stealthy support for the BJP to thwart a no-confidence motion being brought against the Narendra Modi government in the Lok Sabha by regional rivals, the Telugu Desam party (TDP) and the YSR Congress Party. The TRS plans to stay ‘neutral’ on the motion when it’s taken up.
Pre-Friday – when the no-confidence motion was first floated – the TSR was disrupting the House with its own demands for more quota seats for Telangana. The TRS wants to increase reservations in educational institutions and State services to 62% – much beyond the Supreme Court-imposed 50% cap – and has sought its inclusion in the Constitution’s Ninth Schedule.
A host of issues and a host of parties across the political spectrum have been behind the Parliamentary disruptions, or allegedly behind them.
Most recently, demands to place a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha have seen AIADMK and TRS members – who will both stay neutral on the motion – causing disruptions + . The motion against the Modi government has broad Opposition support, including of the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the Left. Opposition parties alleged over the past two days that the AIADMK and the TRS are deliberately causing disturbances in the Lok Sabha at the behest of the BJP.
Both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are in the budget session currently; they resumed the session on March 5 after a brief recess. Last week, the Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill and the appropriation bills with no discussion on them and even as the Opposition protested. (TNN)