Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pangnyu advises H&FW Dept to resume construction work of Medical College

Dimapur, April 8: A review meeting was held on COVID-19 with Minister of Health and Family Welfare, S Pangnyu Phom today at the Office Chamber of Principal Director, Health and Family Welfare. The Minister was accompanied by Toshi Wangtung, Advisor IPR, SCERT and Village guard.
Pangnyu advised the department to resume the construction work of Medical College from April 9 and to come up with a system to manage the labor and that the department should obtain special permission from the district administration in order to purchase essential materials for the ongoing construction.
He also discussed about strengthening of doctors in district level for temporary adjustments and allocations of manpower.
He appealed the officials present, to give more focus on the areas bordering other states as it is very vulnerable at this stage and that quarantine measures should be implemented more strictly in those areas.
Principal Director, Dr. Vizolie Z Soukhrie shared that activities at the district are implemented in a more disciplined manner with the full support of the community.
The Principal Director appealed to the government to wait for two more weeks before resuming daily activities after which if the reports for Covid-19 cases is still negative then only it is advisable to resume offices but taking into consideration that point of entry from other state should still be restricted.
He also clarified that the sample taken for testing of COVID-19 virus is transported in a special medium called ” viral transport medium” where in the virus is not expected to die at least for 48 hours therefore it is potent for testing affectively. So far the cases of testing have been reported within 20 hours so the misconception of negative cases should not be there.
The department also appealed that the timing for marketing should be relaxed because while rushing for shopping in limited time social distancing is not observed and all efforts becomes useless. Therefore it is necessary to relax the time in order to avoid crowding.
The meeting was attended by Principal Director, Mission Director NHM and officers from the Directorate. (Page News Service)