Panel discussion on inter-religious dialogue held


Dimapur, May 15: A 1-day panel discussion on inter-religious dialogue and peace building in Nagaland was held at Peace Channel conference hall in collaboration with People’s Forum and Dimapur Christian Forum on May 13. The main objective of the discussion was to celebrate the diversities of faith traditions in the State by respecting the differences and sharing the common values and making best of all.
“If we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, our nation”, said Dr. Fr. C. P. Anto and stressed the importance of sharing out world view perspectives from all faith traditions.
Panelists from Islamic, Christian, Jain and Hindu religious communities in the town shared their perspectives on how global and local peace and harmony can be realized from each religion/faith tradition.
Tajuddin Ahmed from the Muslim community said that “Jihad” is generally misunderstood and misdirected but it truly means fighting the evil from within ourselves and not among different communities.
Ajay Sethi from the Jain community talked about the religious principles and traditional practices of the community. He highlighted three key cornerstones of Jainism such as non violence, reciprocity and charity. He stressed how charity was important to achieve inner peace among the true adherents of Jainism.
Alok Pareek from the Hindu community highlighted three main aspects of Hinduism as ways of life. He shared some mantras as techniques to achieve inner peace in life.
Rev.Dr.P Dozo speaking at end from Christian perspective laid high importance on reconciliation and relationship with God.
Following the first round of panel discussion all participants present shared their perspectives on inter religious dialogue and peace building. The moderator highlighted his observations on how men and women look at religion/ faith differently but complimenting to one another in actualizing the core values of all religion.
Participants also unanimously agreed to regularly meet once in every two months.
(Page News Service)