Saturday, September 25, 2021

Pak minister cuts ribbon with teeth explains reason behind unique style

Pak minister
Social media users shared the video which immediately created a buzz on the internet.(Twitter / @Fayazchohanpti)

Rawalpindi (Pakistan), September 3: Politicians cutting the ribbon with a scissor at inaugurations and opening ceremonies is a common sight in India and around the world. But a Pakistani minister recently chose to break the tradition by cutting the ribbon with his teeth.

On Thursday, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, minister for prisons and spokesperson for the government of Punjab, was reportedly invited to inaugurate an electronics shop in his Rawalpindi constituency. The video Chohan is now doing rounds on the internet in which the Pakistani leader can be seen initially trying to cut the ribbon with a scissor.
As the minister fails multiple times to cut the ribbon with the scissor, the onlookers start chuckling. Chouhan then goes ahead to cut it with his teeth, triggering more laughter all around.
Social media users shared the video which immediately created a buzz on the internet. The minister also shared the 21-second long clip from his verified Twitter handle, explaining the reason behind his unique attempt to cut the ribbon.
Chouhan revealed that the “scissors were blunt and bad” and took a jibe at the owner for setting a “new world record.”

“Unique style of opening a shop in your constituency … !!! The scissors were blunt and bad … !!! The owner set a new world record to save the shop from embarrassment … !!!” the minister wrote while sharing the video on Twitter. (Agencies)