Thursday, August 5, 2021
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PAC reiterates claim on goods getting cheaper


‘Deopani sand cut by Rs 4000 per truck’

Dimapur, September 19: The Public Action Committee (PAC) has reiterated its claim that there has been fall in prices of essential commodities in Dimapur as a result of its volunteers preventing illegal taxation from transporters for the past four days.
In a press release, PAC co-convener Gokheto and secretary Hilo Semp said during a review of prices of different commodities, transporter reported that the price of Deopani sand has dropped to by Rs 4000 per truck load. “At the same time, prices of other essential commodities have also come down due to the prevention of illegal taxation for the past four days,” it claimed.
PAC volunteers drawn from different tribes have been manning three check gates in Dimapur since Monday and will continue till Saturday.
The PAC’s earlier claim that wholesale price of potato had dropped from Rs 20 to Rs 10 on the very first day it started picketing of check gates was flatly refuted by vegetable vendors, who claimed that wholesalers are selling potatoes at Rs 14 per kilo and vendors continue to sell at Rs 20 per kilo.
PAC, however, blamed fluctuation of prices in market to too many authorities regulating prices in the market.
The PAC revealed that in the course of discussion with Dimpaur Municipal Council (DMC) and Food & Civil Supply Department today, it came to light that prices are controlled and regulated by three departments -DMC, Food & Civil Supply Department and District administration in coordination with DCCI. This scenario, PAC maintained, provide a safe haven to syndicates, leases and other agencies to encroach and inflate the market prices as per their conveniences. It also revealed that since 2012 till date, the authority has not revised the market prices of essential commodities.
The PAC, meanwhile, has re-affirmed its earlier decision on royalty collection by making it clear that the Forest Department and Geology & Mining Department will not be allowed to collect royalty until the Government gives a clear decision and makes it known to the public. It requested the Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur to take immediate action on the representation submitted by the PAC in this regard.
The PAC also urged the Dimapur Municipal Council to immediately display charts of all commodities in all the designated tool booths. It also demanded that collections of tool tax at undesignated tool booth/points be immediately withdrawn or stopped.
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