PAC NCD opposes multiple taxation

PAC NCD opposes multiple taxation

Dimapur, July 30: The Public Action Committee under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur held serious discussion on the multiple taxation imposed on the public both by Naga political groups and welfare unions/societies and state government agencies.
The PAC, NCD condemned the activities of Naga political groups serving demand notes and intimidating the business community with arms within Dimapur. It called upon the Naga political groups to stop all such activities immediately and maintain their commitment to shun various tax collection with true spirit and not in words alone.
The house agreed that 19th tribal hohos, NCD, DUCCF, DCCI, NWHD and Senior Citizens Forum would conduct consultative meeting with their respective members/tribes and deliberate on how to streamline the burden of multiple taxation, syndicates, lease systems and various taxes by Naga political groups, unions/organizations etc, including the state government agencies which had added to the burden of the public and affecting the economy.
The outcome report would be submitted to PAC on or before August 18. (Page News Service)