Friday, August 6, 2021
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PAC NCD highlights criminal activities of NSCN (U) cadres


Dimapur, February 16: The Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur today condemned the criminal activities committed by the NSCN (U) on innocent Nagas, while highlighting how the cadres of the group were involved in snatching of money from Wilson Kenye of Mathikrü, Neizolo of Jessami and Athot Tangkhul at Agri-Expo on August 1, 2018.
Quoting an FIR filed at Diphupar PS, the PAC stated that the three were held at gun point and their money amounting to Rs 6 lakhs was snatched. The three had brought money to purchase a Dumper Truck while they were informed to wait at Agri-Expo area.
On August 2, an FIR was lodged at Diphupar PS by Wilson Kenye. However, he was arrested and detained by one “ss” Maj Toishe of NSCN (IM) on August 7 at Nagarjan, who also demanded a ransom of Rs 6 lakhs for his release.
According to PAC, the worried relatives of Wilson Kenye arranged and accordingly paid Rs 3 lakh on August 22 and another Rs 3 lakh on September 6 to “SS” Maj Toishe of NSCN (IM).
On November 11, 2018, Dimapur police arrested 5 persons from Agri Expo area who were operating to loot people on the pretext of selling used vehicles. The arrested persons were later identified by Wilson Kenye when they were under police custody at Diphupar PS as the same persons who had looted them of Rs 6 lakhs on August 1. The arrested persons were Obeto K Awomi, “ss” Joint Secretary of NSCN (U) from Usutomi village; Phusheto Aye, “SS” Maj of NSCN (U) from Vihokhu village; Richard Achumi, “SS” Under Secretary, NSCN (U) from Alaphumi village; Bendangtoshi Lusangri of Changi village and Mughato Swu of Mishilimi village.
The PAC said it had condemned such criminal activities and had asked to return the total amount of Rs 12 lakhs to Wilson Kenye. However, it said the NPGs have failed to act although it was brought to their knowledge time and again.
A press release issued by PAC convenor, Vekhosayi Nyekha and co-convenor K Ghokheto Chophy said that the PAC, NCD would be compelled to take necessary action thereof.
Meanwhile, the PAC once again appealed to the NPG authorities to act and deliver justice.
“When the NPGs are supposed to work for the Naga public, these type of activities are destructive and detrimental not only to nation building but also to the NPGs,” the release saoid.
The PAC NCD also condemned the illegal collection of money by the NSCN ‘K’, the latest addition in the negotiating group with the GoI who are on “rampage in threatening the business community.”
It further appealed to the NPG authorities to discipline their cadres who are demeaning the cause of the Nagas. (Page News Service)