Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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PAC flays Govt’s apathy to illegal taxation


Dimapur, September 20: The Public Action Committee (PAC) has lambasted the State Government’s apathy towards the PAC movement for ending illegal taxation in the State in general and Dimapur in particular.
PAC convenor, Vekhosayi Nyekha expressed shock and dismay at the utter silence of the State Government on the PAC’s movement that entered its 5th day today, and accused the Government of abdicating its duties. “The State Government could have done so much to control illegal taxation,” he said.
“We have elected them but when the situation is bad, they have not shown any concern, except for the invitation made by the Deputy Commissioner and the Commissioner of Police appealing us for suspension of the movement.”
However, the PAC termed its movement of picketing three check gates as successful and said many dirty images of extortion and multiple taxations has emerged. “So far so good, we are satisfied of what we are doing, we cannot expect over all change overnight, it will take time and we expect that the evil menace of taxations in Nagaland will stop,” Nyeka said.
“We need support of all the tribal leaders and civil societies and till so far the response and cooperation from tribal hohos and civil societies are overwhelming,” he remarked and added that there is no report of any untoward incident till date. As per schedule, Saturday is the last day of picketing of the check gates by PAC volunteers.
“Tomorrow is not the end of our tasks; we will continue to do so,” Nyeka assured. He made it clear that none should collect any membership taxes at check gates and on the roads, and if membership fees have to be collected than it should be done in their respective offices.
“No more nuisances will be tolerated. Citizens have woken up and we will see to it that all these menace are tackled,” Vekhosayi Nyekha said.
Hilo Kemp, a senior functionary of the PAC, said the next phase will be taken up in due course of time.
Price escalation in the market is also due to the transporters syndicate overseeing LP trucks carrying essential commodities to Dimapur, said another PAC official while informing that transporters union visited their office today and had a long meeting with the PAC to end taxations at all check gates.
“They (the transporters) are afraid to come to us, they are being victimized and there is no escape for them. We need to take them into confidence,” PAC said.
The PAC has found that transporters union charges more than Rs 40,000 from a truck carrying essential commodities to Dimapur from Guwahati. Reportedly a LP truck bound from Guwahati till Khatkhati pays Rs 19,000 as tax and to enter Dimapur pay additional Rs 21,000 to Rs 23,000 at the check gates, forcing escalation in prices of commodities in Dimapur.
When asked whether the transporters union will cooperate with the PAC to end the menace of taxation, when they themselves are collecting taxes, an official of the PAC said there is a need to stop taxation on all the trucks. “They (transporters) are being made the scapegoat, the main culprits are some hideous persons collecting taxes, without mentioning the names of any outfits or individuals,” PAC officials claimed, adding more information on transporters taxation will be divulged soon.
“The PAC is in regular touch with Government authorities and the Government of the day knows what is happening here, the Government should take up these serious issues without any further delay,” the PAC added. (Page News Service)