Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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PAC, DDCF condemn unabated taxations by NNPGs

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Dimapur, June 23: The Public Action Committee (PAC) consisting of all tribal hohos in Dimapur has condemned the excessive spree of collecting illegal multiple taxation on Dimapur traders by Naga national political groups.
“As the state is fighting an unprecedented battle where state police personnel are engaged 24×7 , it is sad that the NNPG’s have taken undue advantage of this and started rampant collection of money in Dimapur causing tremendous mental harrassment to traders,” the PAC stated.
The PAC wondered how long and how far can the public go on succumbing to these taxation where everyone is affected directly or indirectly.
The PAC said inspite of the lockdown due to the pandemic, no mercy have been shown to the traders which is insensible and beyond comprehension.
“We solely depend on other states for all commodities be it hardware, essential commodities etc and the taxation imposed on transportation agencies have reached its zenith where transporters are on the verge of closing down all transportation activities ,” it stated.
The PAC on behalf of the public of Dimapur has appealed to the state government to protect its citizens from such illegal rampant collection going on broad day light, stating that the cry of the public if left unattended may lead to further breakdown of law and order as there is no protection of citizens from such elements loitering in and around Dimapur.
The PAC further condemned the attitude of the central government and its machineries for not being sincere in implementing the ‘ceasefire ground rules’ and the Naga public are left at their own mercy to fend for themselves.
Stating that ceasefire has literally not benefited Nagas in reality, the PAC said lives may have been saved but the misery of the public have tripled which only shows that the onus have been shifted to the public to bear. It said the Government of India should not let the public suffer; that the talks remain to be inconclusive.
The PAC, therefore, appealed to both the State government and GoI to reign over the unabated illegal collection of money rampantly taking place in Dimapur causing great hardship to one and all.
The Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum (DDCF) has condemned the unabated taxation by some Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and other elements from shops and business establishments in Dimapur.
In a press release, the DDCF termed it as most unfortunate the collection of various taxes from the already affected shops and business establishments, resulting in price escalations affecting the public directly or indirectly at such an uncertain time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The DDCF appealed to everyone, irrespective of group affiliation, to understand the present prevailing situation and refrain from such unabated taxation for the welfare of the citizens of Dimapur.
While acknowledging the District administration for the tireless efforts taken to tackle the pandemic, the forum also called upon the concerned authorities to look into the issue for the well-being of all the citizens.
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