Saturday, May 8, 2021
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PAC asks Govt to revoke DMC lease system by Jan 29


Dimapur, January 22: The Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has issued a 10-day ultimatum to the Government of Nagaland from January 20 to revoke the lease system 2019-2020 failing which it will take drastic action for which the Municipal Affairs Department and the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) will be held solely responsible.
The PAC made clear that it cannot accept the lease system imposed on the people of Dimapur, which directly and indirectly affects the whole State.
In an ultimatum submitted to the Administrator of Dimapur Municipal Council on January 20, the PAC NCD, while vehemently condemning the reintroduction of the lease system, said after extensive survey it has found that the lease system is one of the main factor that encourage illegal collection of money at check gates and inside the city.
“In the light of the Municipal Act that may have clauses to collect fees, the past and recent administrative approval to collect the same is void of proper streamlining of goods and commodities under GST and without any accountability. There needs to be a transparent system with detail charges to be levied which is not so,” it stated.
The PAC also observed that the lease sub-lease it to the third party to collect the toll and fees, which “is an opportunity to anti-social elements to interfere and indulge in illegal collection of money under this guise!’
Wondering why the DMC office itself cannot take the responsibility of collection when it has a working employee strength of more than 300, the
PAC said the excuse that leases collect higher revenue than the DMC staffs is not justifiable and unreasonable. “Moreover, to tie-up the salary of the over staffed employees through collection of toll and fees alone at the mercy of public is totally unacceptable. The public cannot be held responsible to bear the toll and fees to meet the salary of DMC employees!” it stated.
The PAC added it can justify that doing away the lease system have reduced the cost of commodities in the past when PAC conducted ‘Operation Check gate’ in 2019. (Page News Service)