Sunday, April 14, 2024

Overhaul system

A well thought and designed education system is indispensable for any nation to reach the zenith of headway, although its outcome can’t be realized in a jiffy. British regime planned our education system on the policy of ‘divide & rule’, as the same was attuned to perpetuate and consolidate their hold and grip over India, and subsequently, after independence from British yoke, the nationalistic and power hungry politicians pauselessly continued the same, as this system also suited to their interest of looting the national wealth, and playing crooks and cheats with the masses. Consequently, the post independence period generation was schooled in the temples of learning devoid of our cultural, heritage and traditions. As a result, our youth is blindly imitating western culture, and bidding adieu to their language, literature, philosophy and cultural mores. There is internal danger of disruption of unity and solidarity. Acceleration of insurgency is not only wrecking havocs in our track of miraculous progress particularly but also this menace is ceaselessly usurping the invaluable lives of numerous innocent people. It is to be noted that, our leaders, with whom voter has vested political power, in order to protect and safeguard them, are themselves neck deep indulged in mal-practices, scandals, scams, etc. It is an established fact that leaders can make or mar the nation. It is, however, a matter of regret that we have unusually a large chunk of the selfish leaders, which is a matter of grave concern for every right thinking man. Mere enactment of more laws cannot eradicate corruption, because such a downfall of social, political and moral character is simply owing to the fact that our education system is not up to the mark. Instead, it is flawed and has hidden seeds of hatred, materialism and cruelty in it. Today career oriented education system is churning out professionals only; children to become good human beings seem to be nobody’s concern. Pleasure driven; our sole emphasis is to amass wealth by hook or crook. Children only follow what their parents do; undisciplined upbringing has spoiled our children. Initially we care less for their moral well-being. When they turn out to be monsters, we start rubbing our hands in exasperation. It is not rebellion against the society and the moral systems; the youth of today is faced with a deep moral vacuum. Religion and social values can never be imposed; these can be imbibed only. Today our children are moving away from time tested and centuries evolved moral and ethical standards; they seems to be quiet oblivious of any moral system. Perhaps the remedy to all this lies in the total reconstruction of our education system. A way would be to base the education system on our past cultural heritage and traditions. Our nation has a rich cultural heritage, which is capable to refine physical, intellectual and moral aspects of one’s personality by drinking deep from the spring of experience of our race. If any nation’s cultural heritage is not preserved and transmitted from generation to generation, the nation will not be able to march ahead, and raise its head high in the world, and ultimately would cease to survive because culture fosters in the citizens sense of devotion, sense of duty, sense of service, sense of discipline and sense of sacrifice for the cause of national honour. In fact the core of our culture is love of beauty and truth, spirit of tolerance, capacity to absorb other cultures, and work out new synthesis. As such, through the modified education system continuity of our past moral values and traditions should be maintained, and youths must be enabled to imbibe the spirit of our composite culture, and be made familiar with the past history. Our future thus, has to be built on the foundation laid in the past. To break away from our past is just like a tree, which is cut from its roots and ultimately dies. In fact, our future will indeed be shallow or empty if we ignore our past. We ought to keep our past inheritance and drive inspiration from it.