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Overflowing water, unattended drains damaging roads in Kohima


Kohima, July 27: Overflowing water, clogged and unattended drains in the State capital has damaged many roads which are already in a dilapidated condition.
If the drains are not attended by the authorities road condition in and around the capital is likely to be deteriorated. Almost all the drains are overflowing due to the incessant down pouring, especially in the last couple of days, which has triggered not only landslide in some places in the town but has damaged the roads.
Road to Kohima Science College, Jotsoma is almost about to be cut off due to clogged drain near Ministers’ Hill Baptist Higher School but neither the authorities nor the concerned citizens of the colony are concerned to look into the riverbed road which has affected beyond Kohima District Jail. This area is also supposed to be a posh area where, apart from Ministers, Advisors and MLAs, several top officials and well to do people lives.
If the authorities do not clear the clogged drain at the earliest, not only roads could be further damaged but landslide could even occur if rains do not stop.
Landslides have also taken place in several places in the town, though not in high magnitude. Landslides have occurred at Old Ministers Hill, Faith Harvest Church, Daklane and Kohima Science College Road.
There are also reports of landslides in several places in other parts of the State.
The condition of the road between Kohima and Dimapur has also worsened due to the non-stop rain with mudslide and sinking of portion of National Highway-29 in some places. The only alternative viable road connecting Kohima from Peducha-via 10 Mile Tsiesema has also been affected.
Apprehensive public are on a fuel buying spree in the fuel stations here, as rains continue to pour. (Page News Service)