Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Over-aged over Pandemic and delay of Advertisement

In contemporary times with the growing number of unemployed Physical Education trained cadres and the increasing unemployment crisis, coupled with the unprecedented pandemic stand against the achievement of the All Nagaland Trained Physical Education Unemployed Union (ANTPEUU) demands. The ANTPEUU held an official meeting with some seniors on 20th January 2021 at Dimapur and discussed about the ongoing grievances regarding the pandemic becoming a bit tense and number of Physical Education trained cadres are on the last year of being overaged and the demands laid down by ANTPEUU has been stagnant since 2019. The union discussed about the post vacancies of many Physical teachers in Government schools. They also discussed about the importance of physical activity and fitness during this pandemic and post pandemic where India is advancing much in the field of physical activity whereas Nagaland is lacking far behind and the student’s needs to be trained and taught at an early stage from the Grass root level for proper education.
It was also discussed where most of the trained qualified teachers are going out of touch as advertisement for interviews or examination for employment have long been pending. Many of the trained Physical Education teachers completed the course training by 2017 and staying with anticipation of job advertisement from the Education Department, which seems a far cry to achieve.
Now the path became a devastating juncture of where to go? Wait or give up? What will the over-aged trained teachers do after they are over-aged? Who will take responsibility for delay of advertisement which remained vacant for many years?
In this regard, the union resolved its members to strengthen the demand, reaffirm to stand United and to strive for justice in terms of advertisements and job placement. It was also resolved to pressurize the responsible authority to advertise the post vacancies by this year itself because any delay in the process will be the biggest threat for the aggrieved members who are in the last year of becoming averaged.
The office therefore regards all the members of ANTPEUU and informs that the general meeting for the year will be held soon which will be notified through whatsapp group. Therefore, all members are requested to stay updated.
Kivilu K.Kiba Imchatsung
President, ANTPEUU General Secretary, ANTPEUU

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