Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Over 16 lakh people renounced Indian citizenship since 2011: Govt data

New Delhi, February 9: More than 16 lakh Indians renounced their Indian citizenship since 2011 including 2,25,620 last year, according to data provided by the government in Rajya Sabha on Thursday.
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar presented the details while replying to a question.
He said the number of Indians who renounced their Indian citizenship in 2015 was 1,31,489, while 1,41,603 people gave it up in 2016 and 1,33,049 in 2017.
In 2018, the number was 1,34,561, while 1,44,017 Indians renounced their citizenship in 2019, 85,256 in 2020 and 1,63,370 in 2021.
The number in 2022 was 2,25,620, according to the minister.
For reference purposes, Jaishankar said the data for 2011 was 1,22,819 while it was 1,20,923 in 2012, 1,31,405 in 2013 and 1,29,328 in 2014.
The total number of Indians who gave up Indian citizenship since 2011 comes to 16,63,440.
To a specific query, he said, according to information, five Indian nationals obtained the citizenship of the United Arab Emirates during the last three years.
Jaishankar also provided a list of 135 countries whose citizenship Indians acquired. (PTI)