Thursday, June 24, 2021

Our youths

Whatever one says, one fact remains that Nagaland is a unique land. And sure enough, its people are also unique – especially the youth. It is dynamic yet at the same time laidback; innocent yet sharp. Our youth may have seen a myriad of obstacles, but they still possess the potential to touch new heights. In this world when a man can be a hammer or an anvil, Naga youngsters still possess the virtues with which they can bring a magnanimous change. Now if you ask them about the most important issues of their lives, they will come up with drab and materialistic answer. But give them time to think about it, and they will give you an unexpected answer. For most of the youths of Nagaland, the most important issue of their lives is Nagaland itself. Every youth has his or her priorities. For some their career is most important, for some their parents and for some they themselves are the most important. However, for every youngster, all the preferences are seen through a common window i.e. the window looking out to Nagaland. An aspiring doctor is concerned about his future in Nagaland, a juvenile wants to enjoy his life and looks out to this place for his wants; a student keeps on thinking about his life here. In short, Nagaland comes up in every wish, in every prayer and in every complaint. Even if they deny this and decide for other issues, the fact remains that for all of them Nagaland is the core issue. You might not get this answer from the hi-fi youth of the State, for whom their iPods and mobiles are the core issues, and their whole lives are trapped in the cyber world of technology. However, they do not form the only voice of Nagaland. The main youth of the State ranges from those playing football or volleyball in dilapidated grounds to the ones found in homely atmospheres. Their opinion may not be loud enough, but is surely important – because they are what define the real youth of Nagaland. This might seem absurd to the aged, but the fact remains that the youth is concerned about their land. The dilapidated roads affect the youth; the rising corruption affects the youth; the disappearing forest cover affects the youth. And in the end, when you look at the big picture, majority of the youth keep thinking about their home. The elders may say that the present youth lacks the spark to do anything, but there is nothing in a caterpillar, which shows that it is going to be a butterfly. Mostly, our youngsters spends their time behind the curtains of books and homework (a result of our obsolete education system), hence giving them very little time to think about the world beyond the apparent. However, given time and appreciation, they are always ready to swing into action. Nagaland is the main issue for all of us, including our youths. We think about it in terms of education, in terms of living standards, in terms of technology and in myriad other ways. All our thoughts lead to here – our real home. Albeit one may argue that, the youth has not played an extraordinary role, but as Warren Buffet has said, “If past history was all there was to the game, then the richest people would be the librarians.” Indeed every youth has their own priorities, but all of them are connected with Nagaland. All that is needed is to develop and prime the youth, so that they can bring a revolution with their energy. What lies behind us and what lies before us is very small when compared to what lies within us. And one thing is for sure – that inside every youth of Nagaland is a desire to make this place a paradise for everybody.