Monday, February 26, 2024

Our problem

We know that anything to be constructed begins from the base. So foundation matters. It is to be attended properly and the obstacles in the way towards the final destination must be destroyed without any compromise. Done this way, the results will be as desired. Unfortunately today with lot of facilities available it is short cuts that are at work and people use cosmetic and other skills to escape from the real hardships, otherwise associated with normal procedure. The result is based on deception – it may deceive a good number of people at the given point of time. However facts are never concealed for long and do get exposed one day. A clay layer with some greenery temporarily attached with stone is washed by a simple drizzle exposing the hard fact, the hard and real surface of the stone. The big changes (good/ bad) in the world are the result of the efforts put at the base /grassroots level. Our society too has witnessed big changes in recent and remote past. There are a lot of thoughts and their masterminds in the field working their way out and the situation at any point of time clearly reflects the way the area/people are addressed and the role of different players involved. Indeed our state is changing by leaps; there are too many issues and too many players involved for the same issue with different sets of interests involved. But one issue that got gradually sidelined and is missing at the base is the Christian concept or thought. There are too many organizations, religious leaders, and preachers but their role is generally restricted to Sunday devotional service or some days of historical or religious importance. The real job at the base is missing or remotely felt. For a substantial change in the society the base is to be addressed and at the same time it is to be protected from the harsh attacks of falsehood that has unleashed hell on the commons. It is attacking faith, the moral values and is influencing thoughts in the fastest way. In fact it can be said that our society today has become a ground for many battles, where various stakeholders have played politics to the extent of fiddling the very character of this society. The skilled briefing from different quarters and the influx of money from various sources has obviously facilitated all this. For that reason, with money as a mover and motivator, the social structure of our society has undergone an absolute metamorphosis. Lifestyle standards and values are being shaped accordingly. In a way, a Godless society is evolving where material is making the moral imperceptible. Hence, the moral vacuum! Nagaland, a Christian majority state, is losing its identity; but who cares? A label depicting Christian identity is not respected or adopted which shows the depth of where we are. A stranger coming here is surprised by the propaganda of Christian culture and the real position prevailing here. There is a need to approach and encourage our people towards life under Christian principles and taken away from all that is forbidden. Most among the religious camp are confused and divided spending most of their time and energy in self interest. Their cosmetic alliances raised at different levels have failed to deliver. If they are honest and selfless they should come out with the reasons behind the failures. Majority among us has different priorities now and is flowing with a different tide. If left unattended it may destroy anything that will come in the way. With most of our leaders and preachers rendered incredible, and the social institutions almost collapsed, the scenario is very hard to change and may even worsen. There is a dire need to address this conflict first, before we are made worthless for any political solution. The point is sooner or later the political conflict may reach its conclusion, but by then the moral and ethical conflict might have taken deep roots into the conscience of the people and disabled their power of thinking and recognition. We need to realize that it is a moral holocaust confronting us. It is showing its ugly and dirty manifestation. Civil society and sensitive minds have to think about it before it is too late.