Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Our problem

The monster of corruption continues to spread its tentacles and grow unabated. Though cultural developments have given us more and more impressive technological advances; yet everywhere they clash with our basic biological properties. They meet strong resistance. We have repeatedly succumbed to our animal nature and tacitly admitted the existence of the complex beast that stirs within us. History is testimony to the fact that humans have not, as yet, fully channelized their energy to establish a social order which is free from violence, greed and exploitation. In fact exploitation has become an article of faith and in essence the exploitative orientation is imbedded in the feeling that the source of all good is outside, that whatever one wants to get must be sought there and that one cannot produce anything oneself. It is, therefore, to be achieved by force or cunning. This exploitation is mainly based on the motivation of humans to have more and more material satisfaction. Throughout human history, with the exception of some primitive societies, the table has always been set only for a few, and a vast majority received nothing but the remaining crumbs. Basically man’s departure from natures’ law book brought him in direct collision with natural processes. His intervention with natures’ designs opened up unlimited choices before him. It ranged from a positive contribution to an all round destruction. But the history shows that human tendency has always been towards the destruction and even though he created great empires but none of them came into existence without resort to violence, murder and plunder. In essence human evolution has been tragic because in the course of development, man lost happiness and pleasure and almost everything ended in frustration. Only the primitive man can be said to have been happier and healthy as he satisfied all his instinctual demands without need for repression, frustration or sublimation. With every advancement, his complexities and complications increased. He built complicated civilizations but also became unhappier and sick. All his attempts to create moral codes, ethical regulations or a society based on justice, peace and tranquillity failed. Today we are living in an unprecedented challenging time in history. Everything in the world is moved by an inner urge to become something greater than it is. Towards this end value structures are thrown to winds, life styles have undergone a sea change; deceit, betrayal, corruption and murder are losing their meanings. The failure of human institution to eradicate or even to curb the menace of corruption and violence is deeply rooted somewhere in the human behaviour pattern. And this behaviour pattern in essence, relates to the satisfaction of his basic instinctive urges, which are ever dominating. But the existing social order has neglected his basic human needs and instead of creating an ethos of equality and justice; there is an unprecedented loot and plunder in most of the governmental organs, social organizations and educational institutions. In the past commissions have been set up to locate the disease of corruption and find remedial measures for the sins committed by the people, but it appears the whole world is in a frozen state and the sun refuses to rise. Today a network of mafia is virtually running a parallel government pushing the state apparatus into irrelevance. There has been a rapid speed and growth of criminal gangs, smuggling gangs and more important economic lobbies which have over the years developed an extensive network of contacts with bureaucrats, government functionaries and the local level of politicians and media persons. These syndicates have acquired substantial financial and muscle power and social respectability and have successfully corrupted machinery at all levels. Most of the people still believe that things can be set right by technological advances. But faith in man’s omnipotence is wearing thin. Even if all the problems were solved by technology; the state of futility, disorder and corruption would remain.