Our problem


In recent years, Nagaland has regularly seen political crisis after crisis over leadership issue and another round of crisis is likely if the Congress forms the next Government at the Centre. The problem with political leaders in Nagaland is that they want to remain in power all the time; and will go to any extent to remain in power by shifting loyalty. This is why the clean election campaign assumes significance in our part of the world, although the campaign has so far totally failed because of our greed. We all are well aware that it is only when a neat and clean, fair and sound, positive and healthy politics penetrates deep in our social, cultural and political strata, we are sure to reap a good standard and excellent harvest of politicians in whose hands rests the policy making criteria and the entire network of formation of government to lead the people towards progress and development, happiness and prosperity. A good and efficient political set-up provides an effective, efficient, sound and quality leadership to steer us towards overall progress and cheer, betterment and success in all fronts and in every field by giving a good government for better governance. But when the society gets infested with bad, corrupt, crime oriented, selfish or vote-bank based politics the results are quite alarming, awfully disappointing, very horrifying, shocking and enormously detrimental for the society and the nation at large. A chair in any office, be it for a Governor, Chief Minister, Minister or an officer of highest rank or cadre or for any lower cadre, is meant for a person who is to be fair and square, neat and clean, honest and sincere, impartial and rational in word and deed; letter and spirit, to do justice without fear or favour, prejudice or duress, stress or strain, to maintain the dignity of the chair by being straight forward, broadminded, bold in taking right decisions at the right time and of course in being honest and corruption free. But when we look at the prevalent political scenario, we get into deeps of frustration, depression and bitterness to find that the thrust or lust for grabbing power by hook or crook, foul or fair, by a light or heavy gear, through the favour of near and dear, from here and there, through bullet or spear, without any fear for the possible wear and tear of the social cheer is the main and growing affair of our present day political sphere. The vote-bank politics through the theory of divide and rule, by the use of muscle and force, money and power is striking at the roots of our culture, values, ideals and democratic set-up to destroy and ruin our identity altogether so much so that political corruption has paved a way for political criminalization to such an extent that politicization of criminals has become an inevitable factor in politics and election. Where are we heading towards? If we continue to sail in the present boat of politics the time is not far away when the boat shall capsize and we shall be drowned. And who would be responsible for all this mess? The voters failure to elect an able minded, honest and right representative without coming under any spell of money, tribe, region, fear or duress, etc.; the intent of the elected representatives, corruption, etc. Corruption survives when giver and taker are both in agreement. Sometimes it is the giver who is more at fault, who introduces the taker to the corrupt practice for his (giver’s) vested interest while sometimes it is a taker who compels the other to offer him the booty. Both are liable for punishment in the crime. We can also say that the giver is more at fault. If he doesn’t offer and instead raise voice against the crime he shall be contributing a lot against this evil. Let good sense prevail among all the citizens, all the politicians, all the leaders, all the political parties, all the institutions; and of course in the administration and the government components so that the dignity of our social, cultural and democratic set-up is elevated, and have leaders who really works for the welfare and prosperity of the people and over all development of the state without fear or favour, stress or strain, pressure or fissure.