Saturday, September 25, 2021

Our future

None we know that our youth is a great asset to the society. They are important because they are our future. Our youth is energetic and enthusiastic, and they have the ability to learn and adapt to different environment. Also they are willing to learn and act on it as well to achieve their goals. Unfortunately today our youths are frustrated, which is forcing them into anti-social activities. A major reason for this is the lack of economic opportunity, which leads to unemployment and frustration. We are experiencing a “youth bulge,” where more than 70% of the population is under the age of 40. Sadly, a large section of population between the ages of 18 to 40 is currently unemployed. But no thinking society can afford the marginalization of its young people. Notwithstanding anything, the sheer demographics make youth the most important segment in the political economy of our state. The problem is that while majority of our population are below the age of 40 years, majority of our elected representatives are over the age of 60 years. This generation mismatch between those who represent and those who are being represented is stark and serious. In such a situation, to expect the existing political establishment to address what matters to our young is a bit far-fetched. Sure among the current elected representatives we have quite a few young blood and brains across all shades of the political spectrum, which makes the static state of affairs not only interestingly significant but also pregnant with possibilities. Lately the fragile socio-political landscape, affected by continuing conflict and instability has created a deep sense of uncertainty amongst the local population, particularly the youth. They have grown up in this adverse environment and have faced tremendous stress. Feeling of desperation, anger and helplessness is largely prevalent among them. Such a situation demands an urgent need to engage with the youth and wean them away from the desire to take up activities detrimental to the good of the society. And the solution to the issues lies with the people. They have to generate the will to give peace a chance so that developmental activities can be carried forward. With development will come jobs that will channelize the energy of the youth towards productive pursuits! The state government, the elders and the civil society have to play a vital role in removing the prevailing feeling of hatred and frustration that envelopes’ our youth. This is undoubtedly a long term process but a beginning has to be made. Education needs to be given priority! Curriculums have to be designed in a manner that the youth gain confidence to compete at the national and international level. The passion that the youth have for games should be leveraged. Searching and nurturing talent should be followed with providing opportunities to compete within the state and in larger platforms. The government must create an environment to encourage more investment in the state, especially in private sector, which will increase employment opportunities for youth. In fact youth should become the centre of gravity of government policy. Sincere efforts in this direction have the potential of changing the socio-political landscape of our state. At the same time citizens must make sure to encourage youths to do better in every field. When we constantly discourage our youth and don’t believe in them, they will lose their spark. We all must make sure that they should be given the wind beneath their wings to fly high instead of bringing them down by tying chains to their wings. Furthermore, equal opportunities must be provided for all. There are various issues of nepotism and favoritism that is eating away the actual talent of the state. This must be done away with as soon as possible. We must make sure that every youth has the chance to prove them worthy and that must be offered equally to all. Indeed our youth has the power to build a nation so we must give them the opportunity. They are the future and they have the perspective which the older generations lack. Their zeal and enthusiasm must be channelized properly to help our land prosper and flourish.