Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Our faults

The number of daily new COVID-19 cases in the state continues to remain high, although for some days now we are seeing a fall in the daily sample positivity rate. Last week the weekly sample positivity rate fell from 19.1% to 13.2% (Jan. 30-Feb.4), with the biggest fall in weekly sample positivity rate reported from Dimapur (from 23.2% to 15.4%). The number of weekly new cases at 570, however, is high for a small state like ours. And it is a matter of concern that out of the 570 new cases, more than 70% were reported from Dimapur alone. Our people, especially people living in the commercial capital of the state, continue to remain careless and self-harming. Despite bitter experience from the last two years, we remained negligent towards the ramifications of the new variant of Covid-19. Till it actually hit us once again, we never heeded the warnings and advisories. We remained in a mood of denial, and acted in the most careless manner. And it was this behaviour of ours that resulted in this dangerous spike in the cases of infection, particularly in Dimapur, who along with Kohima and Tuensang continues to show sample positivity rate above 10%. Importantly the onslaught of COVID-19 in terms of cases and deaths in Dimapur District is a concern that needs flagging. What is more disturbing is that not all people are coming forward for testing. In fact there is reason to believe that we have a substantial number of people who avoid testing, and thus we have an estimate that is far below the actual spread of the disease. This is a major worry for all of us. We have experienced in the past couple of years how the Covid pandemic disrupted things, and dealt a severe blow to our economic, political and social life, along with the rest of the world. And it is likely to take us good portion of this year to finally escape the trauma. This will only happen if we are smart and follow appropriate guidelines. It is a fact that man is mortal and thus we all acquiesce to the fact that all of us shall have our fair share of death but there’s a difference between death coming to us and we inviting it. Since the onset of the pandemic, a significant chunk of our population has remained heedless of the Covid-19 behaviour claiming their faith in God as the greatest shield. Unfortunate as it is but this e-generation is mostly comprised of egg-heads who abound in academic qualifications but disastrously lack common sense. It’s our lousy Covid-19 behaviours that has given the virus wings. It is about time, at least in this third straight year of the pandemic, that our reason jolts us to adopt the right Covid-19 protocol. The elusive nature of coronavirus demands us to be all the more vigilant than ever. Our priorities must include more followers of the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour rather than more followers on social media. The pandemic is indubitably bound to end but the onus lies on us as to whether we want it to take a toll on our lives and leave us mentally drained and incompetent or we want to singe it with our belligerence. In this situation we all know what can stop it, but we still don’t do it. It has now been two years that all the concerned agencies that deal with this pandemic, and the consequent situations, have been crying from rooftops to wear masks, and avoid gatherings. But we have turned into deaf organism. Now we cannot blame the virus only for this emerging situation, we have ourselves to blame. Once again people need to realize that a simple act of wearing a mask can save us from an imminent economic crisis. We all know that the economic condition of people cannot endure any more closure of markets. The only thing that can ward off that disaster is to observe the full protocol: wear masks, maintain social distance, ensure hand hygiene, and strictly avoid gatherings.