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Oting incident: Longleng observes Black Day

Longleng Black Day

14 innocent civilians remembered

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 5: In a solemn gathering held at the PPC Hall in Longleng Town, various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including the Phom People’s Council (PPC), Phomla Hoichem, Phom Students’ Conference, and Dobashis observed Black Day on Tuesday, marking the second anniversary of the tragic incident in Oting on December 4 and 5. The occasion served as a poignant remembrance for the 14 innocent civilians who lost their lives during the incident at the hands of security forces in Mon district.
Dr. Nuklu Phom, former ES Phom Baptist Church Association (PBCA), addressed the gathering, emphasizing against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958. He urged Naga leaders and the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) for unity.
To symbolize their commitment to seeking justice and repealing AFSPA, a black flag was hoisted at the Phom People’s Council office during the event.
The President of Phom Students’ Conference and Phomla Hoichem reiterated their steadfast demand for justice for the victims and the immediate repeal of AFSPA.
Dr. Henshet, Vice President of Yingli College, shed light on the systemic disadvantages faced by the people in Eastern Nagaland, whether socially, economically, or in terms of justice. He called for unity among leaders and stressed on the critical role of committed leadership in working for the welfare of the Eastern people and Nagas as a whole.
The event concluded with a mass benediction by the congregation, underscoring the collective determination to strive for justice, equality and a peaceful future for the people of the Nagas.
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