Monday, March 1, 2021
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Orgs support demand for rollback of COVID-19 cess

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Dimapur, September 20: The National People’s Party (NPP) Nagaland State has supported the CNTC, CNSA, DNSU, DENSU and WCSU in their demand for revoking the COVID-19 Cess on petroleum products.
In a press release, the NPP said the decision of the Finance Department to put an additional COVID-19 cess on the prices of fuel is bereft of any possible logic, especially at a time when the entire economy of the State is in jeopardy and the common people are already suffering the brunt of the financial crunch as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lock down.
“The leaders of the present ruling government are falling short of expectations so much so that they are now taking inhuman decisions thereby neglecting the well-being and economic welfare of the common people,” it alleged.
Instead of bringing about certain economic reforms and allaying the financial burden of the people, the Government of the day has resorted to levying an inhuman and illogical cess on the prices of fuel which has doubled the burden of the common people as it has unduly resulted in price rise across the state which is akin to adding salt to the injury of the people, it stated.
The NPP highlighted that the prices of commodities are already at an all time high due to illegal hoarding of goods by the shopkeepers and the additional cess has given them another opportunity to raise the prices as usual. “This is happening right under the nose of the authorities who are not even monitoring the price rise. This illegitimate manner in which the State Government has tried to add to the burdens of the common people during this crisis is nothing but an attempt to take undue opportunity of filling the coffers of the state at the expense of the common people which is totally intolerable and we condemn this arbitrary action of the State Government in harshest terms,” it added.
CNTC: In line with the Central Nagaland Students Association (CNSA) and the Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU) ultimatum served to the Government of Nagaland, the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has called for immediate rollback of the COVID-19 cess on all petroleum products.
In a release, CNTC said the cess has resulted in price rise of all products including essential commodities.
Due to this COVID cess, prices of all items have skyrocketed with the worst sufferers being the lower income sections especially the daily wage earners, it said.
The CNTC has also supported the genuine demand laid by Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) for setting up of full-fledged medical college in Dimapur.
Dimapur being the commercial hub of Nagaland and the most populated district in Nagaland consisting of diverse ethnicity, setting up a full-fledged medical college is most viable to Government as well as to public in all aspects. Our political leaders need to look at practical realities of the day and focus on developing equal share of development in all the districts of the state, it said. (Page News Service)
EDBA: The East Dimapur Business Association (EDBA) has supported the move of DCCI, DNSU, CNSA and other organizations who are demanding rollback of COVID-19 cess on petroleum products.
“As we all know that, the pandemic has already broken the economy and due to this, businessmen/shop owners and common people are suffering a lot economically and this hike has additionally burdened the life of the people. Government of other countries and states has announced different schemes to ease the condition of the people but in contrast, the Government of Nagaland hiked the price on petroleum products due to which the price of essential commodities has increased which made the life of the common people harder,” it said in a release.
The EDBA requested the Government of Nagaland to rollback the hike on petroleum products within the stipulated time as demanded by different organizations or the EDBA will have no option but to go against the Government and stand along with the common people. (Page News Service)