Orgs push for Delimitation exercise in Nagaland

Orgs push for Delimitation exercise in Nagaland

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Dimapur, June 30: The Lotha Lower Range Public Organization (LLRPO) and the Lotha Lower Range Elders and Officers Forum (LLREOF) have decided to extend unflinching support to Lotha Hoho (LH), Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) and other aggrieved bodies in its endeavors to facilitate the implementation of Constituency Delimitation in Nagaland.
In a joint meeting on June 27, the members deliberated on the issue of Constituency Delimitation in Nagaland and its effect on Wokha district in general and Bhandari Sub Division in particular, informed LLRPO president Nonghothung Yanthan and LLREOF convener W Chenithung Humtsoe in a press release.
Welcoming the Central Government’s decision to carry out Constituency Delimitation in Nagaland, the meeting urged the Government and the Committee on Delimitation to carry out the exercise in the most unbiased manner in the interest of fair play and justice for all.
“Such effort is expected to pave the way for correcting the past error that resulted in socio-politico disparities and economic backwardness of the people in various afflicted areas in the State,” it said.
RSZ & RSU: The Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ) and the Rengma Students’ Union (RSU), the apex youth and student body respectively of the Rengma tribe,have affirmed that any attempt to derail the delimitation exercise by the State Government or any entity is a direct suppression of Rengma aspiration and an attempt to further marginalize the already marginalized peoples of the State.
In a press release, RSU president Heiko Kent and RSZ president Kenneth Kath affirmed its unflinching support to the Joint Action Committee of Tribal Hohos on Delimitation (JAC) and with all the tribal organizations representing Wokha, Longleng,Peren,Kiphire, Rengmas of Kohima District,Chakhro Angami & Western Sumi people of Dimapur district.
“There is no connection between Naga solution and the delimitation process and to cite a relation between the two is thoroughly disingenuous. The utter dishonesty of the state government and the tribes opposing delimitation by hiding under the hem of ‘Naga political solution’ is not only objectionable but most cowardly. Such unintelligible utterances reducing ourselves to laughing stock should be avoided by all self-respecting organizations. Thus, to save ourselves from mud-slinging each other, the government of Nagaland andotherentities opposing the delimitation process in the state are requested to stop indulging indelay tactics,” it appealed.
Appealing to Naga brothers to look at the delimitation process through the lens of fairness, equality and justice, the releaae said the “massive representational fraud since 1973 giving disproportionate power to some tribes and districts should prick the conscience of any good Christians.”
“Instead, the reactions of some of the organizations reflect petty and arrogant tribal mindset. Muscle flexing and power-mongering can never bring goodwill in our midst. At this juncture, it is worthwhile to remember that the history of mankind is nothing but a lesson in decline of proud peoples and emancipation of once marginalized ones.”
The two organizations further conveyed to the GoI and the Delimitation Commission that “bowing down before irrational pressures and arguments” will be a defeat of Indian democracy – and for the idea to hold that Indian Constitution does not hold sway in the state of Nagaland.
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