Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Orgs, pol parties welcome breakthrough in GoI-NSCN (IM) talks


Dimapur, November 1: The Naga Hoho has congratulated Interlocutor RN Ravi and NSCN (I-M) leadership for arriving at a mutual understanding. It also congratulated Prime Minister of India and Union Home Minister for having the resoluteness to solve the Indo-Naga political issues.
“The dream and desire of the Naga people for permanent peace and tranquility in our Naga homeland will soon become a reality by paving a way forward for the future,” it said while appreciating all the civil societies, mass-based organizations, churches and the Naga people for their constant support and prayers.
While appreciating and welcoming the conclusion of the formal talk, the NH said the Government of India must adhere to the agreed terms and principle while finalising the competencies for signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement and to implement its commitments in letter and spirit as it has become imperative to resolve the issue once and for all.
“As we are entering into a new era of political development, greater responsibilities have to be shouldered by every stakeholders towards bringing unity and reconciliation which is the sincere desire of all the Naga people and therefore, all the Naga political groups particularly the NSCN/GPRN and 7 NNPGs must come together to ensure peaceful transition and a vibrant Naga society with progress, peace and development in the Naga Homeland.”
The Hoho further appealed to all the Naga people, tribe hohos and civil societies to come together leaving aside past differences and take up the responsibilities which now lies with the people. “Let us all unite and be vigilant with patience until such time the final agreement is signed,” it added.
PAC: The Public Action Committee (PAC- NCD) has appreciated GoI and the NPGs for coming to a consensus for a political settlement.
Now that the resolution for the settlement has been arrived at, the PAC said the public should be free from all kinds of taxations. “The citizens of Dimapur in particular and Nagaland in general have long suffered immeasurably due to the unabated and multiple taxation,” it said while requesting the NPG leaders to order their own rank and file to immediately stop the collection of taxes respecting the wishes of the people.
The PAC also requested the law enforcing authority to be vigilant and take timely action with stringent measures to maintain tranquillity and peace.
The PAC assured that it will continue to be the watchdog for the public, so that our future generation will not be chained under the shackles of illegal taxations.
NPF: The NPF has extended gratitude to the Prime Minister of India and Union Home Minister for their deep concern to solve the Naga issue which has started to bear fruit when the Naga negotiating groups and the GoI Interlocutor came to a mutual understanding on October 31.
The party also congratulated the Interlocutor and the NSCN (IM) and the 7-NNPGs WC for finally arriving at an understanding to sign the final accord; all CSOs and various other organizations, who stood by and prayed for an amicable solution to the Naga political imbroglio.
The NPF further appealed to all to continue to remember the parties involved in negotiations in prayers so that there will not be any hiccups on the way before the final inking of the accord.
JD-U: Dimapur, November 1: The Janata Dal United Nagaland Unit has appreciated the Government of India and the NSCN-IM for coming to an understanding on the contentious issue of the flag and Constitution of the Nagas as a prelude to a peaceful settlement of the Indo-Naga political problem.
In a release, the State JDU felt that whatever be the competencies that would be taken into consideration as basis for the agreement to be inked between GoI and the NSCN-IM as well as the NNPGs, it should usher in peace and tranquility all over the Naga inhabited areas.
“The contents of the agreement must be able to translate and fulfill the realization of dreams of the younger generation of the Nagas who have far longed for progress in a corruption-free atmosphere. A place where people are drunk with the principles of just and fairness in dealing with all aspects of life. A society that is dependent on honesty and sincerity. A society that is governed by moralistic ethics and with God- fearing functionaries,” it said.
The JDU said it will support all initiatives for good governance and work cohesively for over-all development of Nagaland and get it rid from crime, corruption and communalism. (Page News Service)