Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Orgs flays police assault on student leaders

Dimapur, August 19: The Chakhroma Students’ Union (CSU), the New Chümoukedima Youth Organization and New Chümoukedima Village Students’ Union have condemned the assault on CSU president, Rokovi Kruse and two of his friends, on August 17, at Ch?moukedima police check gate by police personnel.
“Chakhroma Students’ Union is deeply enraged and agitated at the brutal, senseless assault on its President, Rokovi Kruse and two of his friends, on 17th August at Ch?moukedima Police Check Gate by ‘a cohort of police personnel led by Officer IC,” CSU said in a condemnation.
The CSU alleged that the police personnel assaulted the boys with all means possible and available, and would not stop “their orgy, treating them like senseless animals.”
“That these men in uniform would have no mercy, or show any sense of compunction for their barbaric act is beyond acceptance,” it added.
Stating that the case may have been amicably settled by village elders and leader, the union categorically cautioned any police personnel manning the check gate to be wary of their own conduct, and be sensible enough in dealing with their fellow citizens, failing which the general public will not remain silent and spectators.
NCYO, NCVSU: In a separate condemnation, the New Chümoukedima Youth Organization and New Chümoukedima Village Students’ Union condemned the high-handedness and use of brute force by the police personnel manning the check-gate at Chümoukedima against three of its members Rokovi Kruse, president, Chakhroma Students’ Union & president, New Chümoukedima Youth Organization, Keneingukho Hama, wrestling secretary and Shezovil Kera on August 17.
“The brutal assault meted upon the President and his two colleagues was a neat, pre-planned act as the victims were attacked repeatedly without any interrogation or enquiry under the pretext of false information. The organizations are appalled by the sinister designs held against the Chümoukedima people by the IC and his jawans,” it said.
Although the matter have been amicably settled due to the sagacity and good faith of the New Chümoukedima Village Council and the timely intervention of the Assistant Commissioner of Police, the two organizations cautioned that the goodwill and mutual relationship bestowed on the Police Department manning the check gate by the organization in the past must not be taken for granted, and should any irresponsible law enforcing officer harbour evil designs to target the innocent citizens will be reciprocated befittingly.
(Page News Service)