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Orgs condemn March 22 killing; demand arrest of culprits

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 25: The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) has expressed grief “by the design and acts of violence” at Lamhainamdi in Peren District on March 22, and questioned the integrity of those who generated such a “situation of return to the past dark ages”.

“As would be, in a climate of change, old ways are breaking down and indigenous peoples are establishing new relationships across ideological and traditional lines. What should matter most today is whether Nagas are practitioner of deeds who have come of age and whose values reflect good reason coupled with a sense of resolving conflict through dialogue and most importantly, practicing our confessed faith in Christ.
“Today, Lamhainamdi has become an urgent historical occasion for a renewal of people-hood and biblical faith. We must immediately, put an end to Lamhainamdi from becoming evil to multiply a haunting memory for both perpetrators and victims,” it said in a statement.
“Let not Lamhainamdi tell the generations of Nagas without hope, opportunity, and pride, but of brutality and shame if they are not recognized and resisted by all urgently. We hear cries of person-hood and reconciliation, but it is a cheap conciliation if it is not based upon painful truth and a painful process of repentance. Nagas people must all expose all forms of Lamhainamdis and resolve constructively,” it added.
NTC: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has condemned the brutal killing of three people by unidentified assailants on March 22 at lamhainamdi village under Peren district.
In a press release issued by its president, Toniho Yepthomi and general secretary, Nribemo Ngullie, the NTC said the incident has not only sent shock waves in the state and beyond but recurrence of use of fire arms to eliminate God’s given precious lives without any reservation shatters the minds of the peace loving people with gloominess.
Stating that there are sufficient protective laws of both Naga customary practices and other written laws for settlement of any misunderstanding or dispute but not at the cost of human life, the NTC condemned the act of using laws in one’s own hand and exhibiting gun culture when the people of Nagaland are yearning for peace and urge upon the law enforcing agencies to enforce the rule of law and book the culprit (s).
The NTC further conveyed its deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed to Almighty God to grant them strength to withstand in this time of unbearable grief and sadness.
KIN: Kuki Inpi Nagaland has condemned the gruesome killings of 3 persons at Lamhai Namdi on March 22 and said in an era where people from all walks of life yearn for peace and tranquility, such incident is uncalled for.
In a press release issued by KIN President, L L Kuki and secretary media cell, Lallenmang Singson, the Kuki Inpi appealed to the State Government and the District Administration to examine and delve into the root cause which triggered the incident and settle the case amicably so as to elude such ugly incidents and bring contentment and peace in the future.
The Inpi also expressed deepest condolences to the bereaved families and prayed that God Almighty give comfort and solace to ease their grief.
CAKU: The Chakro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has condemned the ghastly act of murder of three Zeliang people in Peren district on March 22.
In a press release, CAKU president, Zhato Kimho and secretary, Vimechiezo Miachieo said such a primitive, uncultured and unethical manner is totally unacceptable in a civilized and modernized society with Christianity as role practice.
The CAKU appealed to the public to disclose the name and identity of the murderers who committed the brutal murder, if known to them. “It is time to be transparent and expose the wrong doers, the evils of our society by boldly pronouncing their names without hesitation. The chronology of the murderers be revealed and their deeds disclosed and brought to the knowledge of the public by flashing out in the local dailies,” the CAKU stated.
The CAKU appealed to the national workers to retrospect into the present system prevailing in the society. It also urged the civil administration to leave no stone unturned in nabbing the culprit and award punishment as deem fit as per the law of the land.
ZSUS: The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Shillong (ZSUS) has condemned the brutal killings of three Zeliangrong brothers and destruction of properties at Lamhainamdi village under Peren district on March 22.
Stating that the horrific act of mutilation and merciless killing of innocent lives is intolerable and in no way be compensated, the ZSUS expressed solidarity with the resolution passed by the Civil Societies of Peren at Jalukie town on March 24.
The ZSUS also urged the Government of Nagaland, all law enforcing agencies and different Naga organizations to apprehend the perpetrators and award befitting punishment.

NDPP: The NDPP has condemned the brutal murder and expressed alarm at how, instead of approaching the administration and law enforcing agencies to adjudicate disputes and misunderstandings, people have chosen to take the law into their own hands and resorted to cold-blooded killings.
In a statement issued on Thursday, the party appealed to the government of the day to bring the culprits to book without delay and restore supremacy of the law so that citizens can live without fear in their own land. It further appealed to all and sundry to abide by the law and adhere to Christian ethics while dealing with their fellow brethren.
We also urge all right-thinking people to refrain from giving a communal touch to this ugly incident and to let the perpetrators of this barbaric deed, no matter what their communities may be, should be brought to justice at the earliest so that justice reigns supreme, it added.
NPC: The Nagaland Peace Centre stated it was deeply saddened by the brutal incident and expressed disappointment at those groups of people, who were behind the crime, that such inhumane act was carried out when the Nagas are crying for a peaceful solution in their land.
The NPC said that violence in any form is a threat to peace, and appealed to all concerned to refrain from any provocations and retaliations.
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