Orgs condemn assault on COVID-19 Quarantine Officer by police in Dimapur

Dimapur, April 4: The shocking assault on a doctor and vandalization of his vehicle by police personnel belonging to the Special Task Force, Dimapur, has come under severe criticism and condemnation from various organizations. The District police and the State Government, however, remain silent on the issue.
Dr Sezo, a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) posted at Medziphema, and a member of the Dimapur District Quarantine Team for COVID-19, was mercilessly assaulted by police personnel who allegedly were in inebriated condition. They also damaged the doctor’s car even after he disclosed his identity. The incident took place at Purana Bazaar Friday night, near his house.
APO: The Angami Public Organization (APO) has expressed shock and condemnation over the assault on Dr Nosezol Sezo, Sr. Medical officer Medziphema and COVID- 19 Quarantine Officer by Police personnel on duty on April 3 at around 11:30 pm.
“It is of public knowledge that Dr. Nosezol Sezo was executing the duties entrusted upon him when he was brutally assaulted on his way back home,” it said and demanded that the district administration investigates the matter immediately and book the personnel responsible.
The APO also asked the police chain of command to ensure that personnel on duty follow the right protocol and know that they enforce the law for the welfare of the society and are not above the law. It hoped that the police personnel responsible will be brought to justice at the earliest and such act of police brutality and felony will be avoided in the future.
DNSU: The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has vehemently condemned the high handedness of police personnel on Dr Sezo at Purana Bazaar, on April 3.
In a condemnation, the union said the doctor was assaulted by the STF while returning home from duty late night causing severe physical injuries and also vandalized his vehicle.
On the same day, DNSU said one teacher, Satish Sarkar, a patient under medication, was physically assaulted by police personnel on his way to hospital.
Despite producing medical prescription, the police personnel used ill mannered words against him like ‘‘aru duita tinta lathi khaile bimar bhal hoi jabo,” it alleged.
“Such self styled police personnel activities is heinous and reprehensible in nature. It is purely against the ethos of the government orders, where the medical officials/staffs on duty and patients under medication are exempted from lock down,” the union said.
Stating that the higher ups of police is accountable and tantamount to such erring police personnel for not briefing their police personnel on duty, the DNSU demanded the police officials to identify such erring police personnel and initiate appropriate actions.
Condemning the acts, the union asked the competent authorities to take prompt action against the erring police personnel, so as to regain public confidence and also to set an example that no such incident will happen in future.
DDCF: The Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum (DDCF) has strongly condemned the physical and mental torture of Dr Sezo on the night of April 3 by police personal(s) of the Special Task Force, Dimapur while returning home from duty as team member of the Quarantine Team for Dimapur. His car was also damaged by the police.
The police action is also the more condemnable as the doctor was assaulted even after he revealed his identity.
“This is not the time to show one’s power or might. Rather this is the time to fight the pandemic unitedly. Doctors, nurses and medical staff are no less important than the security personnel on duty. They too are in the front line of the war against COVID-19, risking their lives,” said DDCF.
The forum appealed to the concerned authority to take appropriate action against the erring personal(s) as per the law keeping note that no one is above the law. It also demanded that the damage to the doctor’s car be compensated.
CHC Medziphema: The Health Centre Management Committee, CHC Medziphema, has expressed shock and condemnation at the brutal assault by the Special Task Force personnel on Dr. N Sezo, Senior Medical Officer, CHC Medziphema, and presently a Quarantine Officer for COVID-19, Dimapur district.
In a condemnation, CHC Medziphema said Dr Sezo was returning home from duty in the evening after another hectic day on April 3 when he was suddenly accosted by the police personnel near his residence in Purana Bazaar, Dimapur, and even after he identified himself and his assigned official duties they assaulted and thrashed him apart from damaging his personal car.
Questioning the “despicable action” of the police during such time of crisis when frontline workers are the need of the hour, the CHC Medziphema said their act have brought shame on the whole police force today.
“It should be noted that in the larger interest of the people, we have allowed him to reside at Dimapur and dedicate more of his time in the combat against COVID-19 although his committed service is indispensable for us at CHC Medziphema,” it said and urged the concerned authority to tackle the issue without any leniency and deliver appropriate action immediately so that such intolerable deeds are not repeated in future.
CAKU: The Chakhro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has expressed shock and condemnation over the assault on Dr. Sezo, Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Medziphema, Dimapur District who was recently designated in the frontline as quarantine team member for Dimapur District to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The action of the police personal and their arrogance attitude towards the frontline fighter for the pandemic diseases is very dreadful, it said and urged the superior authority as well as the Government to identify the erring personnel and initiate stringent and befitting punishment to the duty officer and his associates who were on duty in that very area without further delay.
CAKU also claimed that there are similar reports of other physician and medical staffs being verbally assaulted at various point by police after the lockdown came into effect. It urged those in authority to meticulously brief their men before they are deployed on the street.
CAKU further wished Dr Sezo speedy recovery.
Medziphema orgs: The Medziphema Town Mechü Krotho (MTMK) together with frontal organizations – Medziphema Town Women Organization, Medziphema Town Youth Organization, Medziphema Town Chamber of Commerce and Medziphema Town Students’ Union, have vehemently condemned the brutal assault on Dr. N Sezo, SMO, CHC Medziphema by Special Task Force personnel without any rhyme or reason.
In a joint press release, the 5 organizations stated that people who are supposed to be law enforcing agencies should act accordingly and that their reckless deed on the evening of April 3 should not go unpunished under any circumstances.
The organizations demanded immediate action against the erring personnel without any exemption.

NOS: Nagaland Orthopaedic Society has condemned the arrogance and atrocity of the police whereby one of its bonafide members, Dr. Nosezol Sezo, SMO, CHC Medziphema was aggressively assaulted by the police patrolling team on the night of April 3 while returning home at Purana Bazaar area from doing Covid-19 duty in Dimapur. His private vehicle was also vandalized in the process.
The NOS said during this pandemic when health care workers especially Doctors are working overtime to protect the citizens from the dreaded Covid-19, “if we are to be physically assaulted and our properties vandalized in this manner, we cannot remain mute spectators.”
It urged the appropriate authorities to take the utmost stringent action on the erring personnel at the earliest.
CPO: The Chakhroma Public Organization (CPO) has expressed shock to learn about the incident of Dr. Nosezol (Dr. Sezo), who was severely beaten up by some police personnel belonging to the Special Task Force, while returning home after finishing his duty, related to COVID-19 preparedness, at around 11:30 pm on April 3 at Dimapur.
Stating that the act committed by police personnel is highly objectionable, the CPO condemned the same in the highest manner.
The CPO appealed to concerned authorities to immediately book and punish the culprits as per the law.

NIDA: The Nagaland In-Service Doctor Association (NIDA) has condemned the police assault on Dr Nosezol Sezo, an Orthopedic Surgeon, while returning home after a hectic duty for COVID-19 at Civil Hospital, Dimapur.
“The Association would like the public to appreciate the fact that the fraternity can resort to immediate state wide cease work as a mark of protest but considering the crucial period of COVID-19 threat facing the society, NIDA is compelled to exercise utmost restraint as it takes the welfare of public health as its top priority. However, the Authority concerned is expected to execute immediate exemplary action deem fit, basing on which the association will decide upon its future course of action,” it said in a condemnation
AGOK: The Angami Gazetted Officers Krotho ihas also condemned the assault on Dr. Nosezol Sezo, Senior Specialist/Orthopaedic and COVID-19 Quarantine Officer, on the night of April 3 at Purana Bazaar, Dimapur by Police personnel on duty.
“At this very critical time in human history worldwide, when the Doctors and medical workers are the last hope to save human kind, the AGOK views this incident as very unfortunate and grievous that rather than being protected, they face the immediate threat to life and limb from such incidents,” it said.
The AGOK appealed to the authority concerned to take immediate and necessary steps to punish the guilty, besides ensuring that such incidents do not happen to anyone engaged in the call of duty.

NMDA: The NMDA has expressed its deepest shock on the brutal assault of a renowned and responsible person Dr Sezo while performing his duty for fighting against Corona-covid-19 war.
“This is unbelievable that even a doctor can be assaulted in an inhuman manner by a group of uniformed persons who are also performing their duty in the same line,” a press release issued by NMDA said and requested the authoriteis and general public to at least acknowledge the services of the medical fraternity by showing respect to the profession.
The NMDA prayed for the speedy recovery of Dr Sezo and also prayed that such unfortunate incident does not take place any more in future.
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