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Orgs call for repeal of AFSPA, high-level enquiry into Oting killings

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 6: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has expressed shock at the massacre of 15 daily wage earner villagers at Oting, Mon District on December 4 evening in an ambush by the Indian Armed Security Forces.
The killings of innocent villagers has not only sent shocked waves across the States and beyond but disturbed the minds of the peace loving people of Nagas in general who are yearning for peace in the regions, the NTC said adding, the murdering of innocent villagers and inflicting injuries to many others in cold blood is a grim reminder of how the Indian Armed Security Forces perpetrated such inhuman atrocities to and extra judicial killings of countless Naga innocent villagers for over 60 years which should not be allowed to occur yet again.

In a press release, NTC president, Toniho Yepthomi and general secretary, Nribemo Ngullie, the NTC condemned in its strongest term the dastardly act of the supposed to be highly discipline forces who are totally bereft of the sense of value of human life.
“Unfortunate and mistaken identity on the killings by gun firing is not the solutions compared to the precious souls already lost”, it said and urged upon the Government to constitute High Level Enquiry to ascertain the mass killings of innocent wage earners of the family at Oting Village by the Indian Security Forces and deliver justice to the victims’ families without delay.
The NTC conveyed its deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and shared the sadness and prayed that the Almighty God grant them courage to bear the loss of the dear one.
Naga Club:
The Naga Club, Nagaland, has condemned the December 4 incident at Oting, Mon District Nagaland in the strongest term, wherein many innocent, daily wage earner labourers were blatantly ambushed and killed, by the Indian Paramilitary forces as if they were on a war path confronting them.
In a press release, Naga Club president, Kuolachalie Seyie and general secretary, KN Mhonthung Lotha said under the “Armed Forces Special Powers Act ” the army may shoot and kill anyone under a mere suspect which is barbaric violence in nature and a lawless law to insult our dignity as human beings, apartheid-like casteist attitude toward the Naga people.
The Naga Club demanded that this Act be revoked at all costs at the earliest before more innocent citizen perish, till such revocation is promulgated by Government of India, Nagas cannot feel safe in any part of their homeland.
The Naga Club also said the Nagas as a whole should not partake any festival functions organized by the State Government or Government of India to express our deepest sorrow and sadness over the killing of innocent Naga Villagers at Oting, Mon.
This call to boycott the festivals is to show our solidarity to the victim community and our ENPO, it said.
The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has expressed shock at the brutality and savagery of the paramilitary commandos, who on December 4 carried out a brutal massacre on innocent coal miners belonging to the Konyak community while they were returning from work at Oting, Mon district, consequently ending the lives of 14 innocent civilians, in addition to two persons unconfirmed and missing.
In a press release, AYO president, Kekhrie Pfukha and general secretary, Petevituo Nakhro said the manner in which those civilians were mercilessly shot and killed is a blatant violation of human rights, requiring a thorough investigation from the highest level to ascertain the facts.
It also demanded that the perpetrators be awarded befitting punishment as per the law.
Stating that for decades, the paramilitary forces have used the draconian AFSPA as a tool to perpetrate unimaginable terror upon the Nagas, the AYO said this horrific incident at Oting serves as a bleak reminder of the atrocities committed by Indian Military forces upon the Naga people for the past six decades.
“As long as the dreaded AFSPA exists, there will be terror and bloodbath of the innocent at the hands of the demonic paramilitary forces”, it said and demanded the repeal of AFSPA in order to ensure justice, equality and basic human rights to the Naga people.
The Organization also asked the Government of India and state Government to make haste and ensure justice to the slain victims of Oting lest the situation gets out of hand.
The AYO further conveyed condolences to the bereaved family members of the victims and stood in solidarity with the Konyak community.

The Central Nagaland Students’ Association (CNSA) has condemned the killing of innocent Naga Youths civilian at Oting, Mon District, on December 4 by the Indian security forces.
The exorbitant and unbridled use of military force by the Indian security forces on the Naga People is not only a violation of the most basic Human rights but also a blatant violation of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India, it said.
The CNSA also urged the Government of India to give a serious consideration to the cries of the Naga people and withdraw AFSPA from Nagaland.
The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) condemned the killing of civilians by the Indian army on December 4, 2021 belonging to Oting village of Mon district.
The Council held the Government of India accountable for such irresponsible crime against humanity and calls for immediate redressal and booking of the culprits.
In solidarity with the bereaved families and the people of Mon district, the Council called upon all its constituent member churches in Nagaland to observe corporate prayers on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 6 a.m. for the bereaved families and for peace.
Meanwhile, the Council conveys its deep condolences to the bereaved families and prays for God’s comfort and strength.
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