Orgs attack Govt over Vigilance Commissioner’s appointment

Orgs attack Govt over Vigilance Commissioner’s appointment

Dimapur, June 3: The Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum (NPRAAF) and the People for Democratic Rights (PDR) have expressed disappointment and strong objection to the appointment of NDPP ex-candidate, Mayang Lima as the State Vigilance Commissioner.
In separate press releases, the NPRAAF and PDR urged the PDA Government to reconsider its decision to appoint Mayang Lima as Vigilance Commissioner and appoint another person of high integrity and having no political party affiliation.
Opposing the appointment, the NPRAAF in a release termed it as nothing but a mockery to justice system in the State. “The PDA Govt is doing disservice to the state by filling the post by its man by way of compensating the lost in election, which reflects Govt disinterest and insensitivity in fighting against corruption,” it said, and asked the Government to reconsider its decision as it will set a wrong precedence.
“Vigilance Commissioner is a top anti-corruption office in the state and is apolitical by nature and any person appointed to the sensitive position should have no affinity towards any political party so that in the course of investigating cases neutrality could be maintained by the office,” it reminded, while requesting the Government to appoint any capable person of integrity having no political party affiliation “if it has a will to fight corruption.”
The NPRAAF lamented that the PDA Government continues to misuse its powers by appeasing party members with high office without feeling of guilt or regret instead of working for the welfare of the people.
“If the PDA Govt continues with the trend, there is little or no hope for change as it had promised during election. NPRAAF looks forward for positive pro-people initiatives of the Govt. for larger benefit in the days to come,” it said.
The forum also informed that it had already asked the State Government to furnish detail information of facilities provided to newly appointed non-legislators as Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State as well as the Advisors under RTI Act 2005 on May 7, 2018, and is awaiting response from the Government to see whether the appointments invites Section 21 of IPC.
The NPRAAF appealed to the PDA Government to do away with illegal backdoor appointments of party workers as Cabinet Ministers & Ministers of state at the cost of the state exchequer so that the matter may be put to rest once and for all.
PDR: The People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has also strongly objected the appointment of NDPP ex-candidate, Mayang Lima as the State Vigilance Commissioner.
“The irony is that while the Government issued a firm notification that the Vigilance Commissioner would not be removed or suspended from office except in the manner provided for removal or suspension of the Chairman or a Member of the State Public Services Commission, it did not follow proper norms in appointing him,” it said in a statement.
According to PDR, the very fact that Mayang Lima had contested the state general elections on NDPP ticket casts huge doubt for the public as to whether the Vigilance Commissioner who owes allegiance to the PDA government (of which NDPP is an alliance partner) for appointing him to the post can conduct inquiries in an unbiased and fair manner without any pressure from the corridors of PDA Government.
“Mayang Lima’s resignation from the NDPP is unknown to the public and the government suddenly appointing him immediately after the model code of conduct of the by-election ceased has come as a shocker,” it stated.
“While the post of Vigilance Commissioner should be held by a person of impeccable integrity, it would be absurd to believe that a person who has contested election in Nagaland, where money power is rampant, would impeccably conduct inquiries into various allegations.”
The PDR demanded the State Government to immediately revoke his appointment and select another person of high integrity and unblemished social repute. The PDR also said it is contemplating filing a PIL if the appointment is not revoked. (Page News Service)