Friday, February 26, 2021
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Orgs ask Assam Rifles to stop ‘mental terrorism’


Dimapur, June 22: The Angami Youth Organization (AYO) and Angami Students’ Union (ASU) today said that the unceasing act of Assam Rifles raiding houses in the wee hours have become a compulsive behavior unbefitting of any professional army.
They said on the night of June 20, the gun toting Assam Rifles again without any warrant as empowered in AFSPA-1958 raided a peaceful home belonging to Kezhaleo Rülho who is a reputed contractor at Bayavü colony, Kohima creating mental torture and fear psychosis especially to his young children, wife and parents.
In a joint statement, both the organization stated that Nagaland has been experiencing a relative peace since the signing of ceasefires over the years with various groups and also the initiative of the forum of Naga reconciliation. This hard earned peace is extremely fragile and difficult to be brought about.
“We do not need the friends of the hill people to destroy this hard earned peace. It is too precious for us to lose. We appeal the Assam Rifles to stop creating mental terrorism,” they added.
BYO: The Bayavü Youth Organization (BYO) also stated that the action of Assam Rifles raiding the house of Kezahali-o Rulho has created immense perturbation and insecurity upon the mind of all peaceful residents, women and children in particular.
The BYO wondered when the GOI and Naga Political leaders are trying their best to amicably bring the word solution with outmost respect to both parties sentiments in a diplomatic way, to what motive did the AR carried out the raid without even producing a search warrant upon an innocent of ours?
The Bayavü Youths Organization KMC WARD-2 strongly condemned such autocratic and dictatorial practices made by 3rd Battalion Assam Rifle, Kohima.
The Bayavü Youth Organization KMC WARD-2 also clarified that Bayavü KMC WARD-2 which consist of three welfare board i.e Upper Bayavü, Lower Bayavü and Middle Bayavü under one Panchayat is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful resident area within the jurisdiction of KMC and had no such history and records of social illegal activates nor does entertain such within its jurisdiction. (Page News Service)