Monday, May 10, 2021

Organizations condemn murder of minor girl

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Dimapur, October 23: The Lotha Eloe Ekhung Dimapur has expressed shock at the murder of a young girl at Kacharigaon area Dimapur on Thursday and strongly condemned the act, which it said is devoid of human values.
Stating that there is no room for such a barbaric act in the society, the LEED urged the concerned authorities to investigate thoroughly and book the culprits under relevant sections of law and set the records straight that justice is supreme.
In a press release, LEED chairperson, Zujano Patton and general secretary, Renbeni Kithan, also appealed to the general public to desist from sharing pictures of the victim through various social media platforms as it amounts to breach of privacy and decency, which is also punishable by an act of law under certain situations.
Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum has expressed shock at the brutal murder of a minor girl, whose body was found in the play ground premise of a School on Thursday morning.
Stating that such crime against a minor girl in our city and that also in a school premise is shocking and unthinkable, the forum strongly condemned the heinous crime and appealed to the concerned authorities to book the culprit(s) and punish them as per the law.
The Lotha Students’ Union (LSU) has condemned the horrendous act of murder of a 17 year old girl whose body was recovered at a School premises at Dimapur on October 22.
While strongly condemning the barbaric incident, LSU President, Ashanthung Humtsoe and Pithungo Shitio General Secretary stated that such inhumane act of murder has no space in the Naga society and further appealed to all the right thinking citizens to condemn such a heartless crime which is still unfortunately occurring in our Land.
The LSU also appealed to the law enforcing agencies to thoroughly investigate the case and apprehend the culprit and book all those involved under appropriate sections of laws.
The LSU appealed to the general public to refrain from circulating photographs of the victim at various social media platforms to avoid legal action from the Law enforcing agencies.
It further reminded the law enforcing agencies that the Lotha Students Union would resort to any mode of agitation if the authority fails to provide justice as per the law..
The Commission for Education Diocese of Kohima (CEDOK) has expressed shock and condemned the suspected rape and brutal murder of a minor girl at Kacharigaon in the night preceding October 22.
CEDOK Secretary, Rev Fr Jacob Charalel said such when such inhuman acts are committed in desecration of school campuses which are temples of learning, it can cause emotional fear in students and they reflect the degradation of the ethos of society.
Stating that such abominable acts have no place in a civilized society, it said the rising number of crimes against vulnerable session of society is a sign of the lack of respect for human life and dignity and corroding of value system.
CEDOK appealed to everyone to stand together to fight against and prevent reoccurrence of such incidents in the future.
St. Clare HSS:
The school Management Board of St. Clare Hr Sec School, Kacharigaon (Phevima) has expressed shock at the heinous crime committed against a teenager girl and whose body was found in the school campus on October 22.
The School Management condemned this barbaric and horrific act in the strongest possible terms
The Management expressed appreciation to the Village Councils of Kacharigaon, Indisen, AoYimkum, Senjum and Kashiram for their help and intervention and also expressed gratitude to the police department (Women Cell), Dimapur for their quick and timely response in arresting one person in connection with the crime.
It further conveyed deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the victim and prayed for the peaceful repose of the departed.
The School appealed to the concerned Authority to book the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime at the earliest and deliver justice to the victim.
The Nagaland NGOs Forum(NNF) has condemned the incident St. Clarie Higher Secondary School Premises, Kacharigoan, Dimapur where a young girl was reportedly raped and brutally murdered.
The NNF said such dastardly act committed was beyond human tolerance and appealed to the law enforcing authorities to leave no stone unturned till the culprit/s are brought to justice.
The frontal Organizations of LLR CSOs and NGOs, the Lotha Lower Range People’s Organisation (LLRPO), the Lotha Lower Range Elders and Officers Forum (LLREOF), the Lotha Lower Range Student’s Union (LLRSU), the Lotha Lower Range, Union Dimapur (LLRUD), the Lotha Lower Range Union, Kohima (LLRUK) have condemnd the October 22 incident where a minor girl was reportedly raped and brutally murdered.
The LLRPO appealed to the law enforcing authorities to leave no stone unturned till the culprit/s are brought to justice.
It also expressed gratitude to the various Colony Councils, the Lotha Hoho Dimapur and the LEED, host of individuals and other unions for timely voicing out for social justice.

The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has condemned the barbaric act of alleged rape and murder of a minor girl near Kacharigaon on October 22 last.
Stating that such inhuman act is unacceptable in a peaceful society, the Union said it would never tolerate such kind of act towards its students’ community.
While appreciating the swift action taken by the police in nabbing one accused in this connection, the Union stated that thorough investigation and trial must be conducted by the authorities to award befitting punishment to the culprit involved and “failure to do so, the students’ community will be compelled to come out to the streets to show its strongest resentment.”
Secretary Women Affairs, Kevibeinuo Keditsu and Secretary, Debate & Symposium, Chiithuzhiini Chache expressed anguish over such brutal and monstrous act meted upon one girl and tarnishing the image of the Naga society and endangering the safety of women even in their own kitchen.
The Union further urged the citizens to abstain from circulating identity of the victim and images of any such incident in social media unless done by the competent authority for the interest of the victim or for public information

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