Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Optimism and Reason–The need of the hour to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the global community together as one big family with a common goal which is to find a way out of this deadly threat on a war-footing. Being part of this global community and concern for the well-being of everyone, I would first of all like to congratulate and salute the government (both central as well as state), medical fraternity including the doctors, nurses, etc., the administrative officers including village councils, police and para-military personnel, various organizations, the media, wholesalers, retailers, transport sectors supplying essential commodities and also some concerned individuals who are working round the clock despite a high level of exposure and threat from this pandemic. We, who are inside the safety of our homes must take time to ponder and appreciate the immense sacrifices that these individuals are making so that we can remain safe and sound while at the same time, continue to receive the essential goods for our families unhindered despite all the odds.

At this crucial juncture, when everyone is fighting against a common unseen enemy and every government and organization has come out with a common agenda of lockdown to save our society from this global pandemic, it becomes our moral responsibility to give our unflinching support towards this cause and to also have genuine concern for everyone around us. We have to shed all personal and individual differences aside for a while and unite our efforts to give our best for the society. In this regard, I have seen certain anomalies taking place among the denizens of Dimapur which I find is quite unreasonable and unfortunate at this crucial point of time. Some of the people are making undue rush for commodities during peak hours and thus making the task of wholesalers and retailers arduous and painstaking. We have to understand one key element of the lockdown and that is to maintain social distancing between individuals. However, we are so much blinded by our selfish rush for commodities that we forget this key necessity and thereby we are putting everyone at a high risk situation.

Here I would like to urge all the people not to make a mad rush for buying essential commodities as the government is making all arrangements to ensure that the people of the state should get essential commodities and also door to door delivery services are also in place which can be availed by the citizens without exposing themselves and others to undue risks. Another issue that we must take into consideration is that Dimapur being the only business hub and commercial gateway of Nagaland and Manipur caters not only to the citizens of Dimapur alone but also to the citizens of other districts as well as Manipur for which wholesalers are having a trying and difficult time which we must all understand and thus cooperate with them. In this regard it will be wise if, according to the administration’s directives, only those with wholesale permits go to the wholesalers for purchasing essential goods in bulk for individual sectors, colonies, villages and organisations and only during the stipulated timings while individual households should purchase from retailers within their own colonies, wards or villages as time stipulated by the administration. Since these directives are not followed religiously, there is a huge rush in the main markets which puts everyone at high risk. Also we must avoid hoarding goods at our homes and think about others also. Mahatma Gandhi had quite rightly said that the world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed, which is very apt to our present situation. Our greed should not let our fellow human beings suffer. Let us all learn the essence of being satisfied and help our brethren in need. Instead, every individual should shed aside one’s individual differences and try to reach out to their neighbours and near and dear ones who may be suffering due to the lockdown. This is in fact the right time to come together as one family and practice the concept of ‘Each One Reach One.’

Lastly, I would urge everyone not to panic but be optimistic in our endeavours. We must avoid spreading misinformation and rumours through social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, instagrams, etc. but stand united with the government and the authorities and try to logically educate everyone near us. Let us not speculate and jump to unnecessary conclusions in this dire situation but be wise and reasonable and take care of our family and society by staying at home and supporting the lockdown for the general benefit and well being of the entire country and the global community at large. We should also continually pray for all those who are on the field fighting against this traumatic disease including the doctors, nurses, paramedics, health workers and the rest who are and who will always be our guardian angels.

Andrew Ahoto Sema, President, NPP Nagaland State

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