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Opposition-less Govt. is diabolic, anti-democracy: KL Chishi

KL Chishi

“Good debate expected from Achumbemo and two ex-Babus”

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, MARCH 6: Unlike the outgoing Assembly, the new State Legislature has many “well qualified and talented lawmakers” and this makes things look more hopeful in terms of performance in the august House, former Chief Minister KL Chishi said on Monday.
“I was told as many as 27 MLAs in the previous House have been replaced. That means you have about two dozen new faces. Several of them are well qualified and have good background to perform much better than in the recent past”, Chishi told Nagaland Page in a telephonic interview.
“I will expect better quality of debate and they can hold the Executive and Ministers accountable. This is the beauty of parliamentary democracy and sadly in Nagaland these elements have suffered lately”, he said.
Against this backdrop Chishi maintained: “The very concept of opposition-less government is diabolic and should be discouraged. This makes government less or not accountable. This is also anti-thesis to democracy.”
“A strong and effective opposition can promote and check the balances. The leader of the House (Chief Minister) including those holding various portfolios/Ministries can focus their attention to clean governance from craving for money making extraneous extravagance”, he said adding, the governing authority must be made to jerk their knees with facts of evidences.
“In this way, senseless and thoughtless corruption can be marginalized”, the former CM stated.
To a question he said, “Take for instance the NCP with 7 MLAs today…I would have preferred to sit in the opposition and lead them as the Leader of the Opposition. The LoP is very powerful post and also useful but many friends may not realise this.”
Answering further questions on these issues, he said, “In 1990, SC Jamir as the Chief Minister had invited me to join his Ministry. I declined and later as the LoP, I could topple his Government.”
In a lighter vein he said, “I feel happy my parliamentary segment Atouizu will make history as Picto Shohe of NCP is now the leader of his party’s legislative wing and that way he can be the leader of the opposition. As NPC legislator, I was the Leader of the Opposition in 1989. Two senior colleagues in NPC, Vamuzo and Shurhozelie, had lost the polls that year.”
The Congress veteran said, “My performance as the Leader of the Opposition is being cited even today even outside Nagaland. We made legislative committees like Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Estimates Committee look so powerful.”
Chishi said the 2023 polls were “completion of constitutional obligations” and added: “Now that the polls are over, the State Government and the MLAs must play the role of genuine facilitator and help the Government of India and Naga underground groups resolve the Naga problem.”
“To an extent I think the history may forgive the previous Assembly…But this august House has more educated people and several youngsters therefore they should deliver both on development and peace.”
Answering another question, Chishi himself a powerful debater said, “I am much hopeful about performance of NPF legislator from Bhandari Achumbumo…He has political elements and is an intellectual. Similarly, I am hopeful of positive contributions from a few former bureaucrats TN Mannen of NDPP and Y Mhonbemo Humtsoe of NCP from Wokha town.”
However, he sought to clarify, “While I am hopeful of good performance by the august House and the educated legislators, I need to warn them all about the big temptation called money. At the same time, I know most of them if not all have spent huge amount in the polls.”