Monday, September 27, 2021
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Opportune moment for solution: NSCN-K (Khango)


Dimapur, August 13: The Khango-led NSCN-K has said that now is the opportune moment for an honourable solution to the Indo-Naga political issue.
“…the decisive call of the Indian leadership to ink a permanent agreement in itself indicates an opportune moment to strike a deal favorable to both the entity in parley. Therefore, after all these decades of hardships and struggles it would be very worthwhile on the part of the Nagas to sincerely make an attempt concertedly taking into account the time, energy and efforts invested and most importantly the genuine political will being demonstrated by the GoI,” said Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Khango Konyak, president of NSCN (K) in his Independence Day message.
Khango said it would be a very costly affair to give way to unfounded apprehensions or allow utopian dreams to meddle at this height of reasonably accepted positions. “Also, to permit selfish desires of some vested section to effect stalemate and prolong the conflict would doubtlessly cause irreparable crash landing and drag us all back to square one and worse.”
No individual leader or individual political group’s interest must prevail upon the common good of the Nagas, rather, political sensibility and utmost humility must be demonstrated by every Naga leader thus clearing all the obstacles on the road to solution,” he added. (Full Text)
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