Opioid Substitution Therapy Centre launched at Chenmoho


Dimapur, September 24: With the initiative of the local community under the aegis Joint Acton Committee Against Opium Addiction, an Opioid Substitution Therapy Centre was launched at Chenmoho village by the Deputy Commissioner, Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS on September 22. The programme is supported by the Department of Health and Family Welfare and DUDA under the Boarder Area Development Programme.
The OST Centre will provide Buprenorphine drug as a substitute to opium. Buprenorphine as a substitute for opium was started at Tobu under the initiative of the same committee. The OST programme for opium users was first started at Manyakshu in 2015 with the support of the Department of Health and Family Welfare.
Since the area came into contact with Opium some decades back, opium addiction continues to be a menace in parts of Mon district, specially the areas bordering Myanmar. “Many community based programmes and initiatives have been undertaken, however the problem continues,” said a concerned local. 8-9% of about 3000 Chenmoho village’s adult population are into this substance abuse. Adults ranging from 18-45 years, who also form the working population of the community constitutes the maximum number of abusers, said an official bulletin.
Launching the OST Centre at Chenmoho Village, DC Mon thanked the local MLA and others for the support rendered, and the initiative taken towards the cause. Out of over 300 users of Opium in the village, 134 users have registered voluntarily at the centre.
While appealing to others to follow suit, he called on the local community to pressurize the other addicts to join the programme and be registered. Citing that Buprenorphine tablet is expensive, he called on the Department of Health and Family Welfare and DUDA to continue supporting the initiative. Congratulating those enrolled at the camp, he encouraged them to continue to motivate themselves maintaining self-motivation as the most important ingredient of the programme.
Earlier, Convenor, Joint Acton Committee Against Opium Addiction, W. Moba Konyak in the introductory note encouraged the users registered at the camp to make life’s decision during the treatment. There should be change in lifestyle with the use of the therapy, he said. Maintaining that opium is readily available in the area from neighbouring Myanmar, he called on toughening checking by the community to stop the import of the same.
The launching programme was chaired by President, CMSU, S. Manpang. (Page News Service)